Affordable Homes

Affordable homes at WhatHouse

"Affordable homes" is the term given to property for sale or rent at less than the full market value. This includes property for social rent, available to buy on a shared ownership basis or available with government or housebuilder schemes such as FirstBuy and other shared equity schemes.

Affordable new homes are a very popular option for homebuyers in today's economic climate, allowing people who would otherwise be unable to buy a property to enjoy all the benefits of living in a brand new home for a price that fits their means. Many housebuilders build some affordable housing within their new developments which is then administered by a local housing association, who will find suitable buyers and tenants.

There are often qualifying criteria to ensure that these new homes go to those who most need them, for example local key workers, those on a low income, first-time buyers and those who have been ‘priced out' of the property market in the area.

These are the basic types of affordable homeownership available today:

  • Shared equity (including FirstBuy)
  • Shared ownership (aka part-buy/part-rent or New Build HomeBuy)
  • Intermediate rent / Rent to HomeBuy

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