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Your new home, on your terms

Whether you are looking to buy outright, rent, or benefit from a buyer support scheme – here you can find homes that match your monthly budget.

Search by your ideal location and your available monthly budget to discover your future home today.
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How to achieve new home happiness

There isn’t one right way to go about purchasing property or living in a new home. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, purchasing a home for the first time or an existing homeowner, the next step on your journey can be entirely tailored to your preferences.

The classic way onto the property ladder. Purchase your home in its entirety, either through paying a deposit and getting a mortgage, or paying in full, and own it from the day you receive your keys. And once you have your keys, you are free to make the house your perfect home.
Also known as the Shared Ownership scheme, this option allows you to purchase only a part of your home upfront, as little as 25%, and pay rent on the remainder. You are free to increase your share of ownership at any time, all the way to owning the full property, whenever you are ready.
This new scheme came into effect across England in June 2021 and enables first-time buyers to get discounts between 30-50% on the price of their property. You will only need to be able to afford at least half of the mortgage that would be required for the full purchase price.
You don’t have to purchase your new home to benefit from the quality and lifestyle a new built property offers. Housebuilders across the UK are creating beautiful new homes intended to be rented out. Enjoy a brand new home, without the responsibilities that come with home ownership.
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