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Assisted living - FAQ

Posted 7 June 2016 by Keith Osborne

Will I have to eat in the restaurant every day?

Using the restaurant is not mandatory, but it is open for lunch every day, including all bank holidays and weekends. All homes have their own kitchen facilities.

How expensive are the meals?

Meals are very reasonably priced considering they use fresh local ingredients. You will typically pay around £4 for your own meals, and £6 for that of guests. Meals for special events may be more expensive. You can choose to eat in the restaurant when you want, and individual dietary requirements such as gluten-free or diabetic can easily be catered for. Should you wish to host a number of guests for a special occasion, you can opt to book our function room; the chef will be happy to discuss possible menus with you.

I use a motorised scooter. Can I bring it with me?

You are welcome to bring a motorised scooter with a maximum speed of 4mph, but it must be stored in your apartment rather than in communal areas. A store room is available for scooters with a maximum speed of 8mph, and there may also be a charging point there. Do speak to the sales team before purchasing a home if you wish to bring a scooter.

What happens if my needs or that of my partner change after moving into the development, and we need more care?

We are aware that people's needs can change, and treat all our residents as individuals rather than expecting them to fit a particular rigid mould. Your estate manager will help you design a care and support package that meets your needs; this package can be amended should your situation and needs change. You will not be required to pay for services that you don't yet need. Do bear in mind that although assisted living offers a wide variety of services to help you, it is not appropriate for anyone who needs nursing care.

What kind of help is available at assisted living developments?

Your weekly service charge covers between 30-60 minutes of domestic chores each week. This can cover such tasks as cleaning, pet care, food shopping and posting letters. You may choose not to use this assistance, however there will be no refunds made from your service charge. Should you wish to make use of additional services, simply discuss your needs with the estates manager, and you will be able to pay for the extra time you require.

Are assisted living developments care homes?

If you require the services of a care home, then assisted living is not for you. Our apartments have been carefully designed with the needs of older people in mind, however we do not provide personal or nursing care. Such developments are intended for older people who wish to purchase their own home and live independently, while having some assistance on hand.

What is a Wellbeing Suite?

Some developments have a Wellbeing Suite, with facilities such as a hairdressing salon, nail treatments, chiropody and reflexology.

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