Extra care - FAQ

Posted 7 May 2016 by Keith Osborne

I need frequent attention. Is Extra Care suitable for my needs?

Extra care is designed for buyers who have greater needs for domestic and/or medical assistance. If you are interested in this type of development it, the sales team for the developer will be able to discuss your requirements and advise you of the different types of assistance available at that development.

What healthcare facilities do extra care developments have?

One very important facility is the provision of 24-hour medical assistance. This means that you always have the security of knowing that there will be fully qualified people at hand should you have any concerns about your health.

What kind of facilities do Extra Care developments have?

As well as medical assistance, extra care facilities also have a number of facilities designed to assist people with greater needs and make their lives more comfortable. You can obtain assistance with household chores, and make use of the on-site catering facilities if you have difficulty cooking for yourself. There are also facilities to enable you to socialise with other residents in comfort, and avoid the isolation common in people with limited mobility or who are in need of care.

Can I bring an animal companion?

The companionship of a pet can be highly beneficial to retired people, so it is generally permitted to bring one to live with you in most developments – but its best to check with the sales team before going too far to establish if this is the case where you are looking. Remember, it will be your responsibility to get someone to walk your dog, for example, if you are unable to do so.

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