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WhatHouse? Awards 2023

Do you, or your clients, build the best new homes in Britain?

WhatHouse? Awards 2023 – the oscars of the housebuilding industry - now in their 43rd year and renowned as the most prestigious accolades in new homes.

A WhatHouse? award is a highly respected symbol of prestige and excellence, giving winners the ultimate sales and marketing edge over their competitors and reassuring buyers they are purchasing from Britain’s best housebuilders.

The WhatHouse? Awards honour enterprising, customerfocused housebuilders, large and small, as well as housing associations, working alongside an equally innovative supply chain to produce top-quality housing across the price range. 

Our Awards sponsors are all leaders in their fields and best in class, hugely committed to and responsible for the success of the new-build market.




The WhatHouse? Awards Gala Luncheon
Friday 17th November 2023

WhatHouse? Award Categories 2023

1. Housebuilder of the Year
2. Best Large Housebuilder
3. Best Medium Housebuilder
4. Best Small Housebuilder
5. Best Build to Rent Developer
6. Best Retirement Home Developer
7. Best Starter Home Scheme
8. Best House
9. Best Smart Home
10. Best Apartment Scheme
11. Best Luxury House
12. Best Renovation 13. Best Development
14. Best Partnership Scheme
15. Best Luxury Development
16. Best Mixed Use Development
17. Best Sustainable Development
18. Best Regeneration Scheme
19. Best Interior Design
20. Best Exterior Design
21. Best Public Realm


The 2022 WhatHouse? Awards - THE BEST NEW HOMES IN BRITAIN

The Great Room at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London’s Park lane is always packed with the great and the good, the bold and the brilliant, of the housebuilding industry. Perhaps one year we should have a fan zone in Hyde Park – actually, they’re not fans, they’re illinformed cynics – beaming the WhatHouse? Awards ceremony live to politicians, planning authorities and full-bore NIMBYs to inform them there are some exceptional new homes being built out there by exceptional people.

We could fill Hyde Park simply by inviting previous housing secretaries and ministers, who come in, trumpet how they are going to solve the scandalous undersupply of housing and that it will be their life’s work to deliver. Five minutes of their life later and they have moved on. No time to build houses, especially affordable ones, when there’s a greasy pole to climb.


See our video from the 2022 awards


It is not fashionable to sympathise with the housebuilding industry; it’s a perception problem that won’t go away but needs to if we are ever going to get anywhere near building 300,000 homes a year. Wherever you sit on the Just Stop Oil campaign with activists blocking roads and gluing themselves to Van Gogh, at least the clue to their motives is in the word Stop.

Government talks of building more homes; then introduces a raft of measures to stop them.

The HBF has identified 12 new taxes, levies and regulations that add up to a £4.5bn a year bill from various government departments. Of course, builders have to pay their way, but it must be fair and proportional because additional costs – surprise, surprise – make building homes less viable and that extends to investment in local communities, not just housing delivery.

I am sure, by the time you read this, our Awards host this year, Lord Hague of Richmond, would have wryly observed the extraordinary Westminster events of recent months, indeed years.

But as a politician he has not only hosted the Awards several times, but chaired conferences on housebuilding organised by What House Digital and Show House. I’d make William Hague housing czar tomorrow and, like the trees he loves to plant at his home in Wales, he would grow and nurture the solutions for the long term. Despite these government roadblocks, every housebuilder and every cog in their supply chains deserves huge congratulations for their efforts in adversity and a refusal to be bowed.

So let us celebrate the best new homes in Britain and those who created them – the people, the products and the services. We would like to thank all the housebuilders, suppliers and other industry colleagues and, of course, our sponsors and judges for all their fantastic support.

We hope you had a wonderful day – the biggest in the housebuilding calendar – and many congratulations to all the winners.

Rupert Bates
Editorial Director
WhatHouse.com & Show House magazine

WhatHouse? Award 2022

2022 hosts Lord William Hague and Maggie Alphonsi with Rupert Bates

St George – Best Development 2022

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