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Cambridgeshire as a county has much to offer, in addition to its county town that is recognised worldwide for its universities. According to the last census, Cambridge had a population of just over 120,000 and the population is expected to rise by 20% over the next ten years. The demand for new homes has never been higher as is the demand for affordable housing. Over Cambridgeshire as a whole, house prices have risen three times as fast as wages since 2001. By 2033, there is expected to be a 27% rise in households in the county.

Cambridge is a city that has always appealed to house buyers. In spite of its relatively high prices (it's believed prices have risen 50% since 2010) there are a number of areas in and around the city to look out for in regards to good value new homes. Cherry Hinton, for instance, situated just outside of the city has seen a number of new homes built with more 'affordable new housing' planned for the future here. A large number of new homes are also being built in Trumpington.

Peterborough is, in a lot of ways, very different to Cambridge but what it does have in common is high employment. There have been many drawn to the town in recent years, in part due to the agricultural jobs in the area. It means it's an excellent place for those looking for buy-to-let opportunities.

Peterborough itself has many attractions and combines a historic centre which all the amenities you would expect from a modern, thriving city. The city lies on the East Coast Main Line which makes journeys north, as well as south to London, fast and convenient. On average, the journey time from Peterborough to King's Cross takes just over an hour. As with many other areas, the supply of new homes can't keep up with demand but in addition to Peterborough itself, look out for new houses being built in Stanground, Whittlesey and Yaxley. 

Other notable towns in Cambridgeshire include Huntingdon, Ely, Wisbech and St Neots. All these offer a high quality of life  and have good commuting links to London with journeys taking around 40-50 minutes. There are good rail connections across the county as well with, for example, a journey from Ely to Cambridge only taking 15 minutes.

Cambridgeshire is a historic county that is always thriving and as a result, those wanting to buy new homes here will have many opportunities to buy throughout the region.

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