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Value my home

Find out if it's time to sell with our latest estimate.
Can you value a home online?
You can get an instant valuation estimate online by simply entering your postcode and then selecting your address.

 Or you could search our sold price data to see how much homes in your area have sold for.
How are instant valuations calculated?
Our valuations are calculated independently by our partner Twindig and are indicative based on the information you provide and how much house prices for houses like yours have changed since you bought the property. 
Should I use an estate agent?
If you are seriously thinking of selling your home we recommend that you get a local estate agent to visit your home for a fuller, more accurate valuation.

They will be able to consider the value of any improvements you have made to your home. We work with estate agents across the UK so if you would like to book a formal valuation we can recommend an agent in your local area.
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