Video interview: Cherie Stockbridge and her close family ties with The Schoolyard

Posted 23 January 2014

One look at the London skyline tells you that our capital is undergoing constant change. The multitude of cranes visible from almost any street is evidence of how much regeneration is happening in every borough. And with migration becoming ever more fluid, it's an increasing rarity for anyone to have long-lasting connections to one particular area.

Cherie Stockbridge is one of those people. She's lived in the same corner of Wandsworth all her life, and so over the years have many members of the family. And it is this extended family that is being honoured by developer L&Q at its latest scheme in the borough, The Schoolyard.

As Cherie explains in our interview, the development is being built on the site of the school that she and her family attended many years ago. She has seen her whole neighbourhood change, but she is very happy with the way that it has adapted to the times and she is equally proud that so many branches of her family tree will be remembered by the new residents at the contemporary apartment scheme.

In fact, Cherie's son is even hoping to find a suitable flat at the development to continue the family connection even further.

To learn more about Cherie's links to the new L&Q scheme, watch our video interview.

To find out more about current availability at The Schoolyard, click here.



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