Rising number of house-hunters eye new homes in Stratford

Posted 31 October 2013 by Keith Osborne

A growing volume of young professionals looking for good value for money rental homes are moving to Stratford in East London, as the area's popularity continues to grow as a consequence of the Olympic regeneration legacy, according to Genesis, one of the leading housing associations in the UK.

The housing association, which provides or manages more than 33,000 homes for individuals and families across London and the South East, reports that it has seen a surge in the volume of people looking to live in Stratford, including its Stratford Halo project, a landmark new development overlooking the Olympic Park.

Victoria Pindar, 28, who moved into a two-bedroom rented home at Stratford Halo in July, having previously lived in Islington, says that she is now getting significantly more for her money in Stratford.

Pindar says: "I wanted to rent a new-build home of a high standard and realised how much more I could get in terms of space in Stratford compared to other parts of London, such as Islington where I lived before."

The fact that the young professional is now able to afford to rent a two-bedroom home on her own, rather than a flat share which she had done in the past, means that she has much more space for guests to stay. What's more, her home is on the 11th floor offering impressive views over the Olympic Stadium and London skyline.

She adds: "I want to stay at Stratford Halo for at least the next couple of years until I can afford to buy a home. It is hard to save money while living in London, you have to sacrifice that for living the lifestyle, but Stratford ticks all the boxes for me."



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