Plans approved for 900 new homes in Camden

Posted 17 December 2013

Camden Council has awarded planning consent for the construction of 900 new-build homes across the London Borough of Camden in North West London.

The new homes, which will be developed as part of Camden's 15-year plan to invest much-needed money in schools, homes and community facilities, will go a long way to plugging the widening supply-demand gap in the region.

The new residential property schemes will include the regeneration of Agar Grove Estate, creating new more spacious and energy-efficient homes for residents.

The Agar Grove project will deliver 513 new homes, including refurbishing and remodelling Lulworth, the existing tower block. The scheme will replace 249 existing homes which are in need of significant investment.

Councillor Valerie Leach, cabinet member for Regeneration and Growth, said: "Despite a £200m cut in government funding we are still able to deliver significant investment and improvements in schools, homes, community facilities, and employment opportunities in the borough through our innovative Community Investment Programme.

"We have taken a major step forward in delivering the programme, and by approving key schemes such as Kingsgate and Agar Grove we are tackling some of the pressing issues in Camden such as relieving pressure on school places, and increasing and improving the supply of housing."



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