How many of these items are in your garage?

Posted 20 February 2015

Gone are the days of using your garage to protect the car from the elements, as 42% of UK homeowners never park their car in the garage, and 31% have either converted their garage or are considering doing so, according to new research The Co-operative Insurance

A space to house the family car was once a must-have for aspirational homeowners, but the findings show the majority of people with access to a garage (56%) now rarely use it for what it was originally designed for. The findings found that the primary reason for conversion of garages is for the purpose of using the space as an office or workshop (25%).  Other reasons for conversion include creating a bigger kitchen (14%), adding an extra bedroom (13%), or providing a bigger garden (6%)

Those who do use their garage for storage manage to cram in a wide range of items, but how many of the top ten are in yours? Tweet us @What_House

Paint, or other items for decorating


Gardening equipment 

A lawnmower


A freezer

Old household furniture


A barbecue



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