Plans mooted for 1,000 new homes in Castleford, West Yorkshire

Posted 15 August 2014

Castleford Energy Village Plc has scrapped plans to build an ‘energy park' on the site of Castleford's former Hickson and Welch chemical plant to make way for the construction of up to 1,000 new homes.

The firm's latest plans would see the Hickson site - which closed in 2005 - "cleaned up" over the next two years with a view to developing the new housing project within five years, subject to planning permission.

The company said that it would also aim to develop Bridge Foot roundabout as part of the scheme. David Frohnsdorff, the company's manager and shareholder, says: "Before we submitted a planning application for the energy park we spoke to the council and we got a firm response from them which was ‘no'.

"They made it quite clear and said that we would not be able to develop an energy park in the Wheldon Road area of Castleford. There was very little public consultation but we engaged in pre-application discussions and they were negative to the point where we thought we would have to go to judicial review and we don't have any appetite for that."

Mr Frohnsdorff pointed out that a housing development on the site would offer more than an energy park.

"If you've got 1,000 families living on the site, that's real regeneration," he adds. "The public will be made fully aware of everything we are doing before we put the planning application in."



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