Old brewery in Wandsworth to be transformed into luxury new homes

Posted 30 July 2013

Plans have been approved to build 661 new homes in Wandsworth Town, as part of the redevelopment of the derelict Ram Brewery site in the London borough.

The approved plans include a 36-storey residential tower, as well as close to 10,700sqm of commercial space, including new shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Furthermore the site's historic buildings will be restored and brought into public use as a new micro-brewery and brewing museum.

Some 10% of the new housing will include affordable housing, which will be primarily offered to existing Wandsworth residents seeking to gain a first foot on the housing ladder.

Nick Cuff, Wandsworth Council's planning chairman, said: "The brewery site forms a gaping hole in the very centre of Wandsworth Town, surrounded by walls, locked gates and derelict buildings. This development would open it up as a new pedestrian quarter complete with riverside walks, public square and fantastic heritage attractions like a museum and micro-brewery. The new walking routes it offers would really help to join up the town centre.

"This project also comes with a £16m infrastructure payment which we want to channel into a redesign of the gyratory. Removing through traffic from the high street would be another major lift for Wandsworth Town and trigger another wave of new investment. The Mayor and Transport for London can see the benefits and we are working together to try and make it happen."


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