#TuesdayTips – making the most of your visit to a show home

Posted 13 October 2015 by Keith Osborne

Advice and tips for new homes buyers on how to maximise the benefit of visiting a show home...

House-hunters looking for new homes will often find that the property they want isn’t complete at the time they are searching. While you might appreciate that that’s one of the compromises you make when buying a new build property, you’ll still need reassurance about the build quality, fittings and finishes that you are being offered before paying your reservation fee, and that’s where a show home is invaluable.

Visiting the show home is the perfect way to experience the look and feel of the product on offer first hand. It will also give you a chance to check out the local area, if you’re unfamiliar with it, and provides an opportunity to put all your questions about the development – and the specific house types you’re interested in – to the housebuilder’s sales team.

Remember that you’re under no obligation to commit, just because you’re looking around the show home. It’s just one step on the decision-making path, albeit one of the most important ones.

Don’t look at it as simply a practical event – the show home should also be incredibly inspiring. It is decorated by professional interior designers who will pass on some of the latest design trends through their use of colour palettes, furniture and accessories. You may not love everything, but it can perhaps deliver some new ideas and influence what you will do with your own new home once you move in.

Show home visit​The sales team at national housebuilder David Wilson Homes has passed on a few tips for a show home visit that we now pass on to you, to help you make the most of the experience...

Be prepared

Think about what you are looking for in your new home, it’s good to have a clear idea before you start looking. What features will you require; a certain number of bedrooms, a garden, car parking? Have a list of essential and desirable criteria to help sales advisers match you with the perfect home.

Make the most of the sales advisers

The sales advisers are there to help and really know their stuff, so make the most of them! Why not book an appointment and allow an adviser to show you around the show homes as well as taking a tour by yourself? They’ll be able to point out features which match your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get the information you need.

Evaluate the space

Try to picture how best to use the rooms in the show homes to your advantage – you may have no need for a study, but the room could make an excellent den for teenagers instead. Think about how the space would work for your own family and lifestyle.

Bring the family along

Everyone has a favourite part of the house, whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or garden, and your thoughts might be different to your partner’s. Everyone will have their own opinion on how you will live in your new home, so it is important that you all share your ideas on how your new home will work for you.

Look at the bricks and mortar

Show homes are great for providing interior design inspiration, but as well as admiring the décor, also consider the actual build of the property when you look around. New build homes are much more energy efficient than older properties and can save homeowners around £600 a year on their bills.

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