#TuesdayTips – five steps to the perfect outdoor living room

Posted 8 December 2015 by Keith Osborne

Winter is the perfect time to set up an outdoor living space - honestly! WhatHouse? can show you the way, with a little help from Right Surveyors...

The British are a hardy breed: it only takes a ray of sunshine to bring out the barbecue and we buy more convertible cars than more sun-kissed countries such as France, Spain and Italy. So why wouldn’t we also want to enjoy an alfresco living room, even as winter descends?

We’ve seen another example of our unpredictable weather recently, with temperatures in the mid-teens in many parts of the UK, day and night! You might as well forget the Christmas card winter scenes of old, as few of us see a blanket of snow over the festive season and can go a whole winter seeing barely a flake. A good evening outdoors is as likely to take place in December as June!

There’s plenty that can be done to make your garden an attractive and comfortable place to relax and entertain at any time of year, as the team from Right Surveyors demonstrates with their top five tips...


Get your light right

There are plenty of options out there which can suit your style and be practical at the same time. Festoon lights can hang from trees and bushes – they create the most magical effect from something so simple. You could also get oversized lanterns that can do a similar effect and citronella candles are a great way to keep bugs at bay, whilst offering enough light for reading.

I bring you...fire!

Typical fire pits will take up space, which should be a consideration. If you haven’t got a whole lot of garden to spare, try a compact gel fuel alternative that you can also get with a decorative option – giving the illusion of a massive fire, but in fact, being very small.

You can even purchase garden tables that come with a small fire pit built in, or alternatively you can (with safety in mind) make your own! Whatever type of fire pit you pick, it is definitely worth the money.

Build it for comfort

Let’s be honest, comfort is an absolutely essential factor for this project. Many people will already have a dining area for their garden, but be sure to buy appropriate furniture for lounging too. A gazebo or pagoda is a perfect way to protect yourself from the sun’s rays or the dreaded rain. If you have children, you can let them play safely by throwing down blankets and cushions; leaving the seating area for the grown-ups.

Keep it home-grown

It is a bit gloomy outside at the moment, but thinking ahead you could make the most of your harvest for the fantastic summer months next year.  Not only will it show your guests how green fingered you are, but home-grown herbs and flowers can make lovely centrepieces for your table. For example, lavender can keep your table smelling fresh and looking good.

Dress your space with style

“Do I choose a colour scheme for my outdoor space?” Of course, act as if you were decorating the inside of your house. If you’re not feeling very bold, you could always opt for a similar style to your interior design scheme and then add some extra colour with cushions and funky accessories.


Look out for our tips on dressing your home to sell next Tuesday on Whathouse.com

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