Top tips for selling your home

Posted 21 January 2014 by Keith Osborne

The multi-award-winning Surrey estate agent Barton Wyatt has released its top tips for selling your home in 2014.

Create a good first impression

A first impression can be make or break, so look at the outside of your home as a stranger might see it. Take the time to make it look presentable, even small gestures such as a pretty plant pot by the front door can make a difference.

Make the property smell nice

A simple diffuser discretely hidden in the lobby could do the trick.

Keep the temperature manageable

Taking a client into a property that has sat empty for the weekend without the heating on is going to put them off instantly - keep your house ticking over at a pleasant 15-20°C.

Keep pet evidence to a minimum

Pets can have quite a strong odour, not to mention the litter trays, food bowls and paraphernalia that goes with having an animal in the house, so try to keep pet evidence to a minimum.

Clean the bathroom

There is nothing more off putting to a buyer than someone else's mess or dirt, so ensure the bathroom is as pristine as possible.

Make the beds

Don't leave your bed crumpled and untidy!

Clean up the kitchen

The last thing a prospective buyer wants to see is your breakfast plates unwashed in the kitchen, so make sure you clean up or load the dishwasher before heading out.

Smarten up the garden

A rear garden does not have to be pristine but tidiness is an asset. Buyers would like to see cut grass, trimmed borders and some greenery - a little effort goes a long way.

Fix up any problem areas

It is possible that you have a part of your house that you would rather not draw attention to. We recommend getting any problems fixed before putting your house on the market or advise your agent as to how the issue could be fixed in order to reassure a potential buyer.

Buy cut flowers

It is not just an urban myth that people buy houses with cut flowers - they actually do. If you know you have a viewing and you have the time and money to buy some flowers then do so.

Tidy up and de-clutter

De-cluttering your house and garden is something that will almost definitely need your attention. Be it your garage, your shed or your study shelves, you can never de-clutter enough.

Brief your estate agent

The more an estate agent is able to answer questions about your house the easier it will be to sell it and allay any fears that prospective buyers may have. This particularly applies to any gadgets you may have in the property - If the estate agent makes it look easy the clients will love it.




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