West End 'funeral procession' to mark “the death of the traditional high street estate agent”

Posted 29 September 2015 by Keith Osborne

Online estate agency easyProperty, which is backed by easyJet billionaire Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has staged a mock funeral procession through the streets of central London this morning to mark what it refers to as “the death of the traditional high street estate agent”.

The three-mile New Orleans-style funeral procession, led by easyProperty chief executive Rob Ellice, went through Westminster, the borough with the largest number of estate agents offices, starting in Marylebone and heading down to Piccadilly Circus. A horse-drawn hearse was followed through the streets by a traditional jazz band and 40 “1980s estate agents” dressed in pin-stripe suits.

Though new to the growing online agency sector, easyProperty is confident that its presence in the market will contribute to the demise of what it calls “age-old dodgy estate agents who charge ludicrous commissions” in ten years. The company, which started out as a lettings agency, has recently expanded into residential sales, offering a cut-price alternative to traditional agencies, with three alternative fixed flat-fee sales services.

Rob Ellice says: “Consumer behaviour has changed. No one walks into an estate agent’s office to start their search for a property anymore. With traditional estate agents, you are still paying for their high street offices, a fleet of branded cars and cafes – even if you don’t want these services.

“Our platform recognises the digital shift that has taken place across the consumer landscape and our agents have all the local knowledge required for sales appraisals and the sales process at their fingertips. The success of our model will wipe-out overpriced high-street agents as consumers’ cotton on to what a rip-off commission-based fees are.”

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