Things that go bump in the night

Posted 29 June 2015 by Tilly Rubens

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it could just be your neighbour in the buff, according to a new survey of over 30,000 people which has revealed the neighbourhoods most likely to spot the weird and wonderful. Rightmove’s alternative census highlights the areas in England and Wales where residents were mostly likely to spot a ghost, a UFO or even a nude neighbour – according to the residents themselves.

“We created the Alternative Census as we wanted to find out more about the unusual goings on in local neighbourhoods alongside the more typical things you might be interested in before moving there,” says Abiola Oni, research manager at Rightmove, adding: “Good transport links and high-achieving schools are often the first things people think about but we were able to get an entirely new perspective about the towns and cities people call home.”

Ghostly sightings

The ghost-sighting capital of the country is Torquay, where over a quarter of people surveyed said they had seen a ghost, compared to the national average of 17%. Second in the survey was Stoke on Trent and third was Wigan. The least spooky- friendly area was London, with residents in Kensington and Chelsea coming bottom of the list of those who had spotted a spectral figure in their midst.

UFOs and men on the moon

When it comes to UFO sightings, the Scottish town of Falkirk came top of the list, with one in five people (20%) saying they had spotted one which compared to the national average of just 9%. Other extra terrestrial hotspots were Bexley in the South and Wigan in the North, where 17% of respondents said they had spotted a UFO.

Neighbours exposed

Eastenders in London were most likely to have sighted a neighbour in their birthday suit, with residents in Hackney saying a staggering 51% of people in the London borough had spotted one. Half of the residents of Wandsworth in the survey said they had stumbled upon a nude neighbour and just under half (47%) of people in Lambeth. Outside London, the most exposed hotspots were Swindon at 32% and Hull at 31%.

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