The top 10 most expensive homes sold in the UK during 2014...

Posted 9 February 2015

A £50 million flat has topped a list of 2014 property sales in a record-breaking year which saw almost 13,500 homes sell for more than £1 million. 

The luxury apartment, on Princes Gate, fetched the figure in July, netting the Treasury £3.5 million in stamp duty fees in the process. 

With the average house in England and Wales costing £177,000, this single sale could have paid for around 20 ‘average’ homes. 

Greater London, unsurprisingly, helped drive the million-pound market with 66 per cent of deals taking place in the capital.

Here are the top ten...

1. Princes Gate, Knightsbridge - £50 million

2. Chesham Place, Belgravia - £46 million

3. Jersey House, Hampstead - £33.7 million

4. Thornwood Gardens, W8 - £27.9 million

5. Princes Gate, Knightsbridge (again) - £26.5 million

6. Cheval House, SW7 - £24.5 million

7. Holland Villas Road, W14 – £24 million

8. Trevor Square, SW7 - £24 million

9. Winnington Road, N2 – £21.75 million 

10.One Hyde Park – £20.5 million 

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