Love is in the air: Find your perfect match online

Posted 8 June 2015 by Tilly Rubens

Looking for love online can be a rocky and unpredictable road with dodgy photographs and dubious descriptions not always matching the reality. The same could be said of trying to find the perfect flat or house of your dreams where “compact bijoux apartment” often translate into a “space barely big enough to swing a cat”.

Online dating was revolutionised a few years ago with the introduction of the Tinder App which allowed those looking for love to search quickly in their local area by swiping through pictures of potential partners on their smartphone or tablet. All potential suitors will be in the local area and the love of your life could be standing a few metres away from you in a bar or supermarket.

Now hope is at hand for would-be renters or potential purchases looking to find true property love. The new property app, Knocker, works on iTunes and locks onto your location. It then allows the browser to search quickly through property for rent or sale in a particular location. You can even search over a pint in a local bar or flat white in the local café.

Potential purchases can use the app to pin the properties to view later, email details to a friend or other family member to look at and can even arrange a viewing directly with an estate agent. This could be an important addition to your search armory in the present overheated market where houses and flats are often being snapped up in seconds of being viewed.

It also allows you to check the details of a property quickly if you see a for sale or rental board outside a property you like as you go past. You can then see photographs of the interior of the property including floor plans and the app will give you information about local amenities, schools and average house prices in the district. You can then call the estate agent or arrange a viewing with a single tap on the device.

Knocker is synced with the housing website Zoopla and uses a phone’s GPS to track your location. The app is free to download off iTunes but those on an Android system will need to wait a little longer for the system to be fully developed. The app was created by two entrepreneurs based in Manchester, Jon Grant and Sam Easterby-Smith , who both have considerable experience of working in the digital field.

Recent research has shown that an increasing number of buyers and renters are using their smartphone or mobile to look for properties online and on the go. They say the path to true love does not always run smoothly but hopefully new property apps like Knocker will help potential buyers overcome a few more obstacles on the path to their dream pebble-dashed home.

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