How many photos do you need to sell a property? 142, according to one agent

Posted 5 August 2015 by Stephen Maunder

An estate agent has defended his decision to use a record breaking 142 images to promote a property, responding to criticism in the national media by saying his agency is "keen" rather than desperate.

Paul Blackburn, director of Blenheim Park Estates, says his agency uses the maximum number of images on all of its stock, going against advice from Rightmove chief executive Nick McKittrick, who says nine or ten images is the optimum number.

The home in question, Lofties, in Worksop, near Sheffield, is on the market for just under £3m and features five en suite bedrooms, a home cinema and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Mr Blackburn said: “Blenheim Park Estates just handles the top end of the market and is a bespoke estate agency business. The key thing is showing the potential purchasers the properties in their entirety rather than just giving them a snapshot. 

“We try and sell the properties through pictures. It’s how we operate. We are not desperate, we are keen. It’s a superb property which has many, many features which we wanted to highlight through aerial and ground photos.”

Miles Shipside, commercial director at Rightmove, was less than convinced that so many images increases the likelihood of a sale. 

He said: “Sometimes to impress potential sellers the agent will take a lot of photographs to say, ‘look how much time and effort I have spent marketing this property’".

“It can be a law of negative returns. People’s attention spans are relatively short, and if you give everything away about a property people might not go and see it.

“You want people to be excited about what they see on the internet and then go and visit it.”

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(Images: Blenheim Park Estates)


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