Don't leave wet towels on the floor! The top house rules in British homes have been revealed

Posted 14 July 2015 by Tilly Rubens

No shoes on the sofa, always put the toilet seat down and don't play video games past 9pm have been named as some of the top house rules in British homes by a new study.

“It’s clear there are many unwritten rules which people abide by in their homes – and the list will make for familiar reading,” said a spokesman for home security specialist Yale UK, who commissioned the research. He added: “There’s a certain etiquette that still needs to be upheld whether in your home or someone else’s.”

The research into modern family life revealed “no towels left on the bathroom floor” and a strict “no running in the house” were common policies.  Just a third of people ask guests to take their shoes off when visiting but two-thirds insist that mobile phones are banned at the dinner table.

Three in ten visitors had been made to feel awkward in someone else’s home because they broke one of the house rules – and forgetting to take shoes off was likely to cause the most friction.

And the age old debate has been finally settled – mum is twice as likely as dad to be the “boss” and enforce the rules at home. Instead, poor old dad gets stuck with doing the rounds to ensure the windows are closed at night and all the doors are locked.

The top five house rules revealed by the study are:

  • Don’t leave wet towels on the floor
  • Don't the dog at the dinner table
  • Always put the toilet seat down
  • Turn off the TV when you’re not watching
  • You're not allowed to sit in dad’s chair
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