54% of homeowners are planning improvements in 2015 - find out which one tops the list...

Posted 14 January 2015

According to new research by Ocean Finance, 54% of homeowners in the UK are planning to carry out improvements on their properties this year. 

Of the homeowners planning to create more living space by way of either an extension or conversion, nearly two-fifths (39%) said this is so they can accommodate their growing family. Meanwhile, around one in seven (14%) revealed it is because they have grown-up children who are returning to the family nest, or older relatives who are moving in with them.

While family clearly comes first for many of today’s homeowners, other motivations given for wishing to extend include needing more space for storage (18%); preferring large open spaces from a stylistic perspective (10%); the view that it is cheaper than moving (8.8%); and a desire to add value to the property (8.8%).

2015 is set to be a year of home improvements - and here's the top 7 most popular choices...

Decorating - 25%

New kitchen - 8.3%



New bathroom - 7%



Extension - 3.9%



Loft, garage or cellar conversion - 2.6%



New boiler - 2.4%



Double glazing or insulation - 2%


What will you change in 2015 - tweet us @what_house to share your plans for the year ahead!

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