Interior interview - Phillip Pini of Crestron UK shares his top five gadgets for the home

Posted 1 July 2013

As a system design engineer in the residential development team at Crestron UK, Phillip is involved in all the latest technology the company implements including the show homes they work in for many high-profile London developers.

He says: "People often think we only offer audio visual systems but we have a vast number of products - between 2000-3000 different offerings. Crestron was founded 40 years go and we like to go from A-Z when integrating homes and technology."

Here are Phillip's top five futuristic gadgets for the home

1. SECURITY: Rava SIP IntercomSIP is a protocol which enables a home owner to have a two way open conversation via an in wall or wireless Crestron touch panel or 3rd party wireless device such as a tablet. The home owner will also be able to view IP cameras at the same time. This applies to small and large single dwellings as well as Multi Dwelling Units.

2. ENTERTAINMENT: Video distribution- Crestron DigitalMedia®Content delivery is becoming ever more important and will continue to be over the coming years. With the analogue sunset and the arrival of digital content, viewers expect more from their devices. With Crestron DigitalMedia® homes no longer need to be cluttered with various pieces of source equipment such as Satellite boxes, Blu Ray players and movie servers. The High Definition, 3D and Deep Colour source equipment can be located in one place out of the way and distributed throughout the house.

3. ENERGY: Fusion EM (energy management)Energy Management is becoming more and more important as we push for environmental sustainability. Householders can monitor their energy usage, set actions for when a room is occupied and unoccupied and ensure equipment is switched off or set to standby when not in use. Holiday mode is a function which can be enabled when the family goes away or leaves home for the day. This sets the heating or cooling to low, and ensures all equipment and lights are off within the house when not occupied. It can even track the temperature within rooms being generated from the sun and close blinds or curtains to stop heat building and protect fabric and furnishings.

4. SECURITY: The end of house keysKeys are a thing of the past in some hotels and apartment buildings and homes are quickly following suit. Crestron are already working with door entry manufacturers using Near Field Communication to enable keyless access.

5. ENTERTAINMENT: TV interface like iPadTelevisions are becoming smarter devices offering the user more functionality than ever before.Gesture control is already here on some of the larger screens, we are working with this technology and applications to enhance the users experience. Siri and X-Box Connect control are previous accomplishments of Crestron.


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