How to make your home appear bigger than it actually is

Posted 16 September 2013

As any interior designer worth their salt will tell you, there are numerous tricks to making a home which is on the smaller side of things appear bigger than it actually is.

Creating the illusion of having more space is a great first step to breathing new life into your property for a more relaxing, liveable environment. With this in mind, here are some more of's favourite space-creating ideas, transforming your home from small and stuffy to spacious and welcoming.


1. Bathroom Wall-hung furniture such as the toilet, vanity basin and cabinets, leaves space underneath the items meaning the eye can travel round the bottom half of the room uninterrupted, giving the impression of more space. It's actually possible these days to buy a corner vanity unit, cupboard and toilet which will physically result in more space.





2. Living room You can do clever tricks with paint in your living room if you have a skirting board or cornice. For instance, painting both the same colour as the wall will make the room appear taller. You can do the same trick with curtains; keep them the same colour as the wall and hang them closer to the ceiling to make the eye travel upwards and make the room, again, seem taller. Have a triple-purpose coffee table in the form of cubes. These can store items and, with an added cushion, act as seating when friends and family appear.



3. Kitchen Take down cabinets and replace them with open shelves - especially ‘floating' versions so there are no brackets to distract the eye. Alternatively, and if your budget allows, replace those solid cupboard doors with glass versions to make it seem as if there's more space. This will also bring in more light as the glass will reflect any kind of lighting, including daylight. Another idea is to recess any large storage areas so that they're flush with the kitchen wall.






4. Bedroom Consider having a built-in bed made. Not only will it take up less space than a freestanding version but it can also be used to provide storage, with drawers added underneath. You could also place two large mirrors at opposite ends of the room to each other therefore seeming to ‘open up' the room.



5. Hallway Install a large chandelier. Not only does it add some decorative ‘oomph' but it'll also distract from the narrowness of the hallway. Alternatively fit some track lighting so that it's well lit. Painting the hallway a lighter colour will also help open it out a bit, especially if it's semi-gloss paint as it'll reflect any light.






6. Miscellaneous Removing doors makes your home appear larger, letting in more light, regardless of which room it is. If you have open shelving such as a book case, leave some of it empty rather than have the shelves overstuffed and cluttered looking; it'll give an impression of ‘airiness'.









Make the most of what you've got - take unnecessary stress out of everyday life and transform a cramped and cluttered home with a flick of a paint brush and some clever rejigging of furniture.



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