Tories urged to build more new homes

Posted 7 January 2014

Renewal, a Tory pressure group founded to revive the fortunes of the Conservative party among northern, working class and ethnic minority voters, is urging Prime Minister David Cameron to do more to tackle the growing housing crisis by developinig significantly more new homes in a bid to help more people gain a foot on the housing ladder.

Labour recently pledged to develop 200,000 homes a year by 2020 if it regains power at next year's general election, but David Skelton, the group's founder, wants the Tories to go further by vowing to build 300,000 new homes a year, helping to reduce the growing supply-demand imbalance in the process.

Mr Skelton told the press: "Voting Conservative has become counter-cultural in Scotland, in some northern cities and amongst ethnic minority voters. If the Tories cannot change that, they will find it increasingly difficult to win elections with sustainable majorities.

"To do this, the party has to go further to show that it genuinely understands the needs of people who are likely to give the party the cold shoulder. It has to prove that it isn't the party of the rich and big business and is instead a party for working people."



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