Tips for tenants: Preparing to move out

Posted 6 August 2014

Parting can be such sweet sorrow or a huge relief. Either way, at some point it will be time for you to leave your rented home. Whether you are still in search of that ideal property or are already exchanging the contracts and buying the furnishings, you should be careful not to neglect the process of moving out.

Soon you will be dealing with landlords, estate agents and inventory clerks, so it is important to be thorough if you want to keep your deposit. Here's a quick guide to getting all bases covered.Moving out tips for tenants

Repair and replace

If you're approaching the last few weeks of your tenancy, now is the time to dig out the check-in inventory and any photographs you may have taken when you moved in.

Thoroughly inspecting the property now and fixing any problems will take time, but may also save you money. Once everything is in order, ensure that any lost or broken items on the inventory are replaced.

The big clean

This may be the most time consuming of your tasks. Be as thorough as possible, even if your landlord is likely to charge you for professional cleaning after you move out. This is the time to defrost the freezer, unblock the shower and scrub the oven.

Sort out your bills and post

Contact your gas, electricity, water, telephone and internet providers before moving out. Some of these providers may require one month's notice, so start this process as early as possible.

Take meter readings, request final bills and ask for notice that accounts are settled. You should also consider cancelling your telephone line but not having it completely disconnected - this could cause problems for the next tenants and you could incur reconnection costs from your landlord.

Take the hassle out of changing your address by having your post redirected. You can either use the Royal Mail service or a utility such as I Am Moving.

Moving day

Before moving out, undertake a final inspection to ensure repairs are complete and everything on the inventory list is where it should be, before taking dated photographs of the whole property.

Phasing your move over several days will give you greater opportunity to ensure you are well prepared. Moving home is a stressful process, so make sure you leave plenty of time, get plenty of sleep and check out our moving day tips here.


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