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The Shared Ownership scheme is designed to help first-time buyers purchase affordable new build houses. Find out how you can benefit from part buy part rent today.
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Feeling lost on Shared Ownership? Download our free guide for all the information you need on the Shared Ownership Scheme. We have collaborated with our friends at Share to Buy to give you all the facts you'll need to make that all important decsion. 

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Shared Ownership Scheme Guide

What is Shared Ownership?
What is Shared Ownership?
Shared Ownership (or part rent part buy or Help to Buy: Shared Ownership, to give it its full name) is aimed at buyers unable to afford to purchase a home on the open market.

This scheme is also hugely relevant to first-time buyer Londoners considering London high property prices.

You begin with buying a percentage of the property using a deposit, and pay rent on the remainder. You then purchase a greater share when your circumstances permit.

Shared Ownership allows you to purchase with as little as 5% deposit, but bear in mind that you will have to obtain a mortgage designed for this type of purchase. Not all lenders offer them. You will have to pay a service charge as well as rent on the share you do not own.

Shared Ownership eligibility
In order to qualify for a Shared Ownership scheme, you must fulfil certain criteria before finding a property with it...

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Shared Ownership eligibility

What is the difference between Shared Ownership and shared equity?
What is the difference between Shared Ownership and shared equity? 
Shared Ownership and shared equity may sound alike but are actually very different schemes. Both schemes are aimed at people who cannot afford to buy a home on the open market. Which scheme is most suitable for you depends on your circumstances, where you hope to buy, and your income. With both schemes, you should do your calculations carefully before committing to a purchase

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Selling a Shared Ownership home
Selling your Shared Ownership property, whether you own all of it or only part of the home, is slightly more complicated than selling a property on the open market. It's not as simple as having your home valued and appointing an agent. The first step is to contact your housing provider and inform them in writing of your intention to sell. They have first option on the property, which means that they can either nominate a buyer for your share, or market the share for an exclusive period of time, such as six or eight weeks. 

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Selling a Shared Ownership home

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How does Shared Ownership work?
How does Shared Ownership help first-time buyers?
What is staircasing?
How do mortgages for Shared Ownership homes work?
Is Shared Ownership available for older people?
Will you ever fully own the property?
Case Studies
Riddell Court (Latimer)
27 April 2017
Eamonn Kenny, a property professional, felt trapped in a shared home as renting his own flat or buying were too costly until he discovered Shared...

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Emma Gilbert (Network Homes)
27 February 2017
Emma Gilbert never thought she would be able to buy in Dalston where she had been renting for five years' but Shared Ownership has made it possib...

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Karl in his new home
14 November 2016
Shared ownership has helped Karl Walsh find an ideal new home for his and his children's needs at Network Homes' Hartham Place development in Her...

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