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First Home In Devon Thanks To Shared Ownership

Posted 4 January 2024 by Helen Christie

Jamie has moved into his first home at The Berries in Devon thanks to the Shared Ownership scheme…

WhatHouse? speaks with Jamie, who has moved into his first home at The Berries in Devon…

Thanks to the Shared Ownership scheme, Jamie has been able to purchase his first home at The Berries in Devon. 

Jamie says: “I moved into my three-bedroom Legal & General Affordable Home in October last year. I found out about the Legal & General Affordable Homes when I drove past the site – and I immediately registered because I wanted to move up here to a new build house. 

Why did you choose Shared Ownership?

Jamie: “Being a first-time buyer, Shared Ownership was probably the only realistic way of being able to get onto the property ladder by myself.  Everybody knows how difficult it is to sort a large deposit for a house and trying to access a mortgage, particularly when you're doing it on your own, is near impossible these days. So Shared Ownership was a good option for me to be able to live my dream really, in terms of being able to own my own house.”

Why did you pick this location?

Jamie: “What I found best about the local area is it's close to everything that is important to me. My family live nearby still in Paignton.  Everything that I cherish the most is close – my friends, my football team for example. My favourite thing about moving in is just the freedom that I've now got in terms of being able to do as I please.”

What do you think of the house?

Jamie: “The main thing in terms of the house itself, I love how big the rooms are, especially the main three rooms in the house - I didn't expect them to be as big as they were. I absolutely love living in a new build home as I'm not a DIY person at all so being able to move in and have everything done for you to a good standard is absolutely perfect for me. The main interest that I've currently got is probably the garden area because I'm looking forward to getting a nice bit of garden furniture out there and getting my mates over and having a few beers and a barbecue in the summer.

“Legal & General Affordable Homes has made such a difference to me because it's given me the opportunity to be able to own my own home when realistically probably a year or two ago I didn't think it would be possible.”

Okehampton View (Legal & General Affordable Homes)

The Berries is now fully reserved, but a new development from Legal & General Affordable Homes in Devon will be coming soon. Okehampton View will be offering a minimum 40% share on shared ownership properties and is due to be released in winter 2024. 


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