UK house-hunters have revealed their top ten property turn-offs....

Posted 16 March 2015

Damp, poor maintenance and a lack of parking top the list of house-hunters’ biggest turn-offs, according to new research by 

The data shows that 67% of people would be deterred from buying a property which showed signs of damp. Other property ‘no-nos’ include poor maintenance, wooden windows, no garden, stone cladding and nasty odours.

Here's the top 10...

1. Damp patches and stained walls/ceilings (67%)

2. Poor state of repair, including rotten windows (60%)

3. No parking (55%)

4.No garden (54%)

5. Bad smells (53%)

6. Unfinished building work (53%)

7. Poor natural light (46%)

8. Small rooms (45%)

9. Bad DIY (42%)

10. Small kitchen (40%)


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