UK homeowners prefer an en suite bathroom to an indoor swimming pool...

Posted 27 February 2015

An en suite bathroom tops the wish lists of those hoping to create their dream home, according to new research by Ocean Finance.

35% of those surveyed chose an en suite, with an indoor swimming pool (25%), a summer house, garden room or conservatory (25%), and a walk-in wardrobe (24%) following close behind. Fifth place went to a bigger garden, with 1 in 5 (20%) voters looking to expand their outdoor space. 

Tastes don’t seem to have changed too much, with the results mirroring those from 2013, albeit in a slightly different order (an indoor swimming pool topped the list in 2013 with 36% of the votes).

The research also shows that women are the main driver in most of the top five dream home choices, except for wanting an indoor swimming pool, where men and women had similar views. In each of the other top five dream homes choices, women were keener than the men.

En suite bathroom: 4 in 10 women compared to 3 in 10 men

Summer house/garden/conservatory: 3 in 10 women compared to 2 in 10 men

Walk-in wardrobe: A third of women compared to only 3 in 20 men

Bigger garden: 22% of women compared to 18% of men

For men, the most desirable feature in both 2013 and 2014 was a snooker or games room, with almost four times more men than women wanting this addition in both surveys. 

Ian Williams, spokesman for Ocean commented: “An en suite is not what most people imagine would create a dream home, but perhaps the idea of some peace and quiet in a busy household is a ‘dream’ for busy families these days. And, while an indoor swimming pool is definitely something luxurious, it lacks the usefulness of an en-suite. The results suggest that perceptions about what makes a ‘dream’ home are changing to include usefulness as well as luxury.”


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