How to make your home pet-friendly

Posted 14 August 2015 by Stephen Maunder

Ahead of the 25th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day, which will be celebrated this coming Saturday, we’d like to share our top tips on making your pet feel at home in your new property. 

Choose the right flooring

You probably won’t want them throughout your house, but tiles are a great scratchproof option that also provide a cool place for dogs to nap during the summer months. Wood flooring is fine for living areas - the harder the wood the better. Carpets, however, should be avoided when possible as they absorb odours, hair and bacteria. 

Keep it familiar

When you move in to your new home, keep your pets in one room and try to maintain a familiar routine. If you have cats, keep them indoors for a few weeks so they can acclimatise to their new surroundings, and when you first let them out ensure you keep the door open so they can return easily.

Don't get dirty

Consider purchasing furniture with removable and dry clean friendly covers. Avoid white sofas, instead opting for colours which will help to hide stains.

Keep food and plants out of the way

There are more than 700 plants that can be harmful to cats and dogs, and some of them might be in your home. With this in mind, strategic placement of potentially poisionous plants and food is vital. 

Modify the environment

Cats can get stressed out easily, so it is important to balance their environment . You can build a custom cat tower, provide individual litter trays for each cat and create cushioned areas where your pets can sit.


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