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Posted 6 October 2015 by Keith Osborne

Before buying your new home, get the best price selling your existing home with some time- and money-efficient home improvement projects

If you’re not a first-time buyer, one of the major factors that will determine how quickly you can buy a new home is how quickly you can sell your current one. However much you love your current place, it is bound to need some sort of home improvement in order to maximise its value to a buyer.

​​Home improvements come in all sizes, from a lick of paint to major repairs and upgrades. Whatever you plan to do, the important thing is to remember that your improvements should be adding value to your home. There’s no point in putting top-of-the-range carpets in if your buyer intends to put their own mark on the home anyway once they’ve moved in.

Generally speaking, neutral colours work best when trying to find a buyer, so no matter how pleased you are with your electric blue feature wall, it may be best to cover it with something more sober before you start getting house-hunters around.

Often, a relatively inexpensive deep clean or minor repairs can revive a tired-looking room enough to impress a potential buyer – especially considering how little time most people take to decide to buy a home. Make a great first impression and all your home improvement efforts will be worth it.

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