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4 Easy Tips To Creating An Outdoor Oasis

Posted 26 April 2022 by Keith Osborne

Suhayl Laher of Tiles Direct takes us through some easy and affordable design ideas for your brand new garden...

A new build homes can offer the perfect opportunity to allow your personal tastes and styles to shine through with your interior design choices and with the prospect of warm weather on the horizon, Suhayl Laher of Tiles Direct takes us through some easy and affordable garden design ideas.

Embrace the blank canvas

New build gardens tend to be uniform designs that lack personality, consisting of a lawn, fences and a patio. However, instead of seeing this as a turn off when you’re looking for houses, we suggest you see it as a bonus.

These bland outdoor spaces are often hiding oodles of potential, providing the perfect blank canvas for you to put your own stamp on. All you need is a little imagination and a bit of cash to transform your average garden into a thriving outdoor oasis.


Carve out a wild corner

Whether you’re an avid nature lover or a gardening newbie, creating a wild corner in your garden offers so many perks for you and the planet.

For one, wild gardens are typically low maintenance, so novice and time-poor gardeners can rejoice. Let the grass grow a little longer, and plant a bag of wildflower seeds and shrubs that require very little intervention other than some periodic pruning to promote new growth.

You can also introduce a few upcycled natural elements like a rockery or stumpery that make the perfect home for all kinds of wildlife. If budget allows, introduce a small water feature to invite even more animals into your back garden, while also upping the tranquil vibes.

Allowing nature to be the star of the show in your outdoor space is guaranteed to provide a relaxing and soothing space for you to enjoy. Of course, don’t forget to include some comfy seating so you can sit back and watch Mother Nature at work.


Get into the zone

If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to make your garden multifunctional and more personalised to suit your lifestyle, zoning techniques are the way to go.

Dividing up the space with visual barriers can give outdoor areas added versatility. For instance, in a family household, designated kids and adult-only areas can help to make sure everyone has their own space to maximise enjoyment outside. The same rules apply when it comes to marking out social areas and relaxation zones.

This doesn’t always need a professional landscape gardener or a large budget, though. With a few strategic additions, you can give any size garden a more defined layout.

For example, use garden furniture as an effective way to create an intimate social space for al fresco dining and entertaining your new neighbours. Alternatively, invest in a few trellises to run along the edge of patios or paths for a decorative touch that also acts as a physical divider between different areas.

Another way to say goodbye to uniform patio designs is to lay some stylish outdoor patio tiles. Non-slip, easy-clean and durable, they boast ample practical perks, and can also elevate your patio into a chic and stylish socialising area. You can even play around with patterned patio tiles or outdoor rugs to amplify the zoning.


Give it a colour scheme

Inside our homes, many of us champion cohesive and defined colour schemes. Yet outside, this is often an overlooked design element. Yes, nature offers a bountiful medley of colours throughout the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your bit to enhance and nurture them. Plus, your garden is another opportunity to enforce your personal style.

When choosing a colour scheme for your garden, it’s best to stick with a neutral base colour for flooring and walls that you can build on with other colours. We’re talking beige, grey, cream and sandy hues that go well with lots of other tones and have an instant soothing effect.

Next, pick a few statement colours that complement each other. These will be your accent colours that will be prominent but used in moderation. You can introduce your favourite hues in so many different ways and they don’t have to cost a fortune. For instance, colourful plant pots and floral displays can be all that's needed to brighten up a drab backyard and introduce bags of colour. Alternatively, give furniture, fences and sheds a lick of paint that ties everything together, adding in a few ornamental touches like windchimes for added character.

Finally, don’t forget those creature comforts. Cheap cushions, throws and rugs in your desired colours will go a long way to making it feel like a unified and relaxing space to sit back and enjoy those warm, summer evenings.

Giving your garden a fresh, new look doesn’t have to involve a big budget and full-scale landscaping. With these easy and affordable garden design ideas, you can create an outdoor space that’s all you without spending big.

Get your garden revamp underway today and make sure you have an outdoor oasis in time for summer.


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