Scottish Housebuilder’s Interiors Trends For 2021

Posted 24 February 2021 by Keith Osborne

Barratt Homes and interiors experts Blocc look at some of the up-to-date schemes for decorating a new home...

2020 proved to be a year full of surprises and one that unexpectedly made us spend more time indoors than ever before. So, to provide some fresh inspiration, Barratt Homes and the interior design specialists at Blocc have pulled together some of their best design predictions and recommendations to help your home radiate with style.

Multi-functional rooms

As the home has become the main location where life is lived, it is time to say goodbye to rooms with only one use. According to a Barratt survey, over a fifth of Scots want a study or dedicated working from home space, and expanding your home gym set-up might not be a bad idea either as fitness takes on a bigger role.

Barratt Homes studySacrificing a whole room might be too much, so instead transform a spare bedroom into your new office or classroom. By dressing a single divan as a day bed, complemented by cushions, and including a desk, your room can be ready for both study and snooze. If you’re still pondering which room to accommodate your work station, chose the one which allows the most natural light in, as recent research from Staples have found good lighting helps with mood and productivity.

To fill that gym-shaped hole in your life, how about turning the garage into the place to flex your muscles? ‘The Cullen’ at Osprey Heights, not only offers on-street parking and a driveway but also a garage, allowing for an extra multi-functional room in your home.

Minimal no more

Homeowners are going big and bold in their style choices, especially with furniture. Neutral sofas have fallen out of favour and instead; plush, statement sofas – such as those in velvet – are poised to rule this year.

Barratt Homes interiorsAs we spend more time in our homes, we also need more objects, such as carefully chosen pieces with personal meaning, to hold our attention. Whether it’s a souvenir from a treasured holiday, your favourite statement vase or a signed print, 2021 will be the year of the artist and craftsperson. The appreciation for artisan creations, or the “Etsy Effect”, will not only make your home individual and stand-out from the rest, but support small independent business.

Westburn Gardens’ apartments in Aberdeen’s centre and ‘The Coull’ at Barratt @ Heritage Grange, provide a dynamic living space with an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area. The move towards more personal objects, not clutter, makes it even more important to seek out spaces that promote versatility and flexible living.

It’s not easy being green

Nothing is more on-trend than bringing a slice of your outdoor garden, indoors. Plants and flowers have become a decorative must-buy, by not only being a wellbeing booster but vital in improving air quality.

Barratt Homes interiorsTo start with, try an easy-to-care-for Swiss Cheese plant or draping English Ivy to make your home into the next Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Most plants will still enjoy sunlight so it is important to position them in bright rooms. The ‘Craigend’ at Countesswells and ‘The Brechin’ at DWH @ Heritage Grange offer just that, with large windows in every room of the properties and french doors in the kitchen/dining room.

If green isn’t your colour, use pots and vases to bring a different spectrum of hues to your home or even choose dried flowers or artificial alternatives instead so the fear of wilting plants is no more.

Add to cart

Planning is key to bring your house into 2021. But, how can you plan if you’re not sure what you like? Mood boards such as Pinterest, can help you start thinking about room designs, or explore Barratt’s showhomes online to get some inspiration from the comfort of your sofa. Take it to the next level, and physically pin images, fabric patches and colours swatches to your walls to make sure your decoration dream works past the screen.

Many online shops also provide virtual fittings, with your phone technology accurately displaying how the furniture might look in your home. However, before finding yourself with a wardrobe-sized return, make sure to measure the space just in case.

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