#TuesdayTips - how to give your home a luxury finish

Posted 26 July 2016 by Helen Christie

Adding a touch of luxury to your home can make a big difference, not only to the value of your property, but it can make your home feel even more special…

Laura Rich-Jones, director of Richstone Properties has put together some tips for how to give your home a truly luxurious finish:

Spend money on good quality doors

A feature often overlooked when making home improvements, installing well-made doors can really lift your property. We favour bringing the ‘outside, inside’, using high quality bi-fold doors with ultra-thin frames which link internal and external spaces perfectly, as well as offering a modern, light-filled look. Create a continuous flow inside your home with Crittall steel-framed doors, or a solid design with a bevelled glass inset.

Lighting is key

Lighting is keyGood natural and indoor lighting is a must when striving for luxury, and we ensure that all our new homes promote a flow of illumination throughout. If you are planning an extension or basement, or perhaps building a new property, and want to maximise the amount of natural daylight coming in, install roof lights where possible, especially to lower ground floor rooms. 

Invest in one indulgent feature

Whether it’s a luxurious headboard or a beautiful freestanding bath, it is always worth selecting one super quality item if you are feeling budget-conscious, as it can totally transform your interior. If you have space, consider installing a large, high-tech shower head in your bathroom, with powerful jets and adjustable pressure for a spa experience in the home.

Streamline your kitchen

If space is tight and you are buying new build or planning a kitchen remodel, opt for built-in appliances like the fridge/freezer and dishwasher with fitted décor panels or doors, to achieve that sleek, high-end look. It can be a costly investment, but you will reap the rewards, enjoying a kitchen that blends functionality and beauty. To ensure a timeless feel, select a stainless steel or anthracite finish, and if you want a super seamless kitchen, also conceal a coffee machine or microwave behind stylish cabinetry.

Experiment with mirrors

Decorating with mirrors seems simple enough, but it is essential that you carefully select the right size and style, as well as the right room when striving for a luxurious home. While a large mirror in a smaller room or narrow hallway can create the illusion of depth and extend the space, a mirror in a busy room can make it feel cluttered. We love using distressed, antique-style mirrors in our new homes, they add a touch of sophistication to any interior. 

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