#TuesdayTips – creating the perfect lighting effects

Posted 28 June 2016 by Helen Christie

Give each of your rooms a unique and appropriate feel by thinking creatively about how and what you use to light them...

Whatever the size and shape of your room, it’s amazing what difference a good lighting arrangement can make to its appearance and mood – creating bright and shadowy areas, making it lively or sultry and presenting a sense of space or intimacy.

Here, Herman Van Diel, director at British lighting company Ecoled, provides his top tips on how to create the perfect lighting effect

Be discreet

Embedded in the ceiling, walls, or floors recessed lights are sleek, inconspicuous and ideal for adding ambience or even a level of drama to a room. It is possible to have a full 360-degree angle on the recessed light, so it’s important to consider where to position your light fittings as they can be set to beam towards a certain spot - you might want to highlight a fireplace or piece of artwork for example. It may be worth consulting with a lighting designer to find out more about the installation of these types of fittings.

Highlight architectural features

The easiest way to add interest and drama to a room is to highlight one of its architectural features; beams, columns, inglenooks and recesses can all be easily lit with a discreet spotlight or - in more modern homes - you could frame a dropped/coffered ceiling with lighting to make it appear as if it is floating. 

Layered lighting

Lighting is one of the key factors in creating or reflecting a mood. The easiest and simplest way to achieve this is to have separate wiring circuits for different areas and dimmed layers of lighting. This lets you easily choose which lights you want and how bright you want them. Don’t just limit layered lighting to sitting rooms … a bathroom should be a place of relaxation and function!

Use low-energy lighting

Interior lightingLow-energy lighting is not only good for the environment but is also good for your bank balance. To ensure you buy the best LED lighting you need to consider four things: the amount of light they produce (number of lumens), the colour of white light produced (referred to as colour temperature and measured in kelvins) if they are compatible with the dimmer switch you are going to use and are they engineered to stand the test of time like a quality kitchen tap or shower system.

If budgets allow then opt for a lighting control system so that you can easily set the lighting scene you want at the touch of one button – again a lighting designer will be able to help you programme the different ‘moods’ you require. 

Be creative

The most important thing when considering lighting is not to be scared of getting creative. Whether you decide to enlist the help of an interior or lighting designer, or go it alone, ecoled’s pioneering Light Builder is an easy-to-use online tool which will enable you to design and configure bespoke-built luminaires to create your perfect lighting effect and aesthetic finish. 

For more information or for access to ecoled’s range of online tools, visit its new website: www.ecoledlight.co.uk 

Take a look at a range of 'blank canvas' new build homes in which to create your own lighting projects.

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