Home Gyms – Q&A with EXF Fitness

Posted 7 November 2018 by Helen Christie

Home gyms are becoming more and more popular. WhatHouse? speaks to EXF Fitness about creating the perfect home gym…

Home gyms are becoming more popular, and could be the thing that makes a special new build property an exceptional one. We speak exclusively to Ben Steadman at EXF Fitness about home gyms and the trends that house-hunters can expect to find these days, whether buying a new home or enhancing their existing one.

Hi, please tell us a little about your company

EXF Fitness is a UK based company based in Woodbridge, Suffolk that specialises in performance sports flooring and designs and manufactures completely bespoke fitness equipment. With 25 years of experience behind us, we can create high quality fitness experiences in the most challenging environments, providing our customers with everything from the flooring, to equipment, to storage.

We have worked with some very prestigious clients such as the Third Space, KX Gyms and GymBox to name a few. We also have a lot of experience working in handed in with architects to create the perfect home gym.

What do people need to consider when building a home gym?

When embarking on a home gym project I would advise people to consider the following points to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • What base is the gym being built on? Will it require reinforcement?
  • Flooring – It is an important consideration as literally everything sits upon it, yet people often overlook it. Getting your flooring wrong could prove highly costly in the long term, so make sure you speak to a specialist. 
  • Do you need to consider acoustics in your space or potential vibration issues?
  • What specification level of equipment do you require; will off the shelf suffice, or do you require or desire bespoke equipment?

With a wealth of experience in creating numerous home gym styles from CrossFit led to family focused fitness areas, we will work one to one with you to ensure we fully understand your needs, so the final product is the home gym of your dreams.  

What sort of budget is needed for a home gym?

The cost is entirely dependent on the scope of work required however, it is worth bearing in mind that if you are paying to have your own private space created, it is worth investing in. The work we carry out is always guided by the client and this includes budget; we will always make sure we are honest and upfront with costs so there are no surprises mid install.

We have installed small home gyms on a very tight budget through to elaborate training areas with fully bespoke flooring, lighting and rigs. You do not need to spend your entire life savings on a home gym, but we will make sure you get an honest and upfront service to ensure you have no surprises throughout the project.

What are the latest trend in home gyms currently?

There has been a huge shift recently away from the traditional view of exercise being primarily cardio based to a more holistic view incorporating several styles of workout into your routine such as body weight training, yoga and weights. We’ve seen a huge demand for wall mounted racks and functional rigs with integrated benches and unique storage solutions. Ultimately, it is about finding the perfect solution for you which maximises the available space.

What are the next steps for someone who wants to set up a home gym?

The first step is the idea and vision you have for your space. The next step is to ask yourself some important practical questions; what is the budget, where would the new gym go, who is it for and what activities do I want to be able to do? Armed with these answers, get in touch with us and we can provide a free, no obligation to buy consultation to try and plan your ideal gym.

Do you ever work with housebuilders?

Yes, we work with both builders and architects. This is the ideal time to start a home gym project as you have more control over the build and can also potentially save money in the long run. Being involved from the early stages ensures you are able to fit the correct flooring and electrics which usually costs more money when done at a later date. It also allows a more fluid project and less disruption if it is all done at once.


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