Growing Popularity Of Park Home Bungalows

Posted 15 December 2020 by Lizzie Leigh

We catch up with Quickmove Properties’ sales director, Mark O’Dwyer, about the growing popularity of park home bungalows for retirement living...

Mark O’Dwyer talks us through the benefits of single-storey living with like-minded neighbours in retirement.

Mark, can you give us an overview of your role as sales director at Quickmove Properties?

The company’s aim is to be at the centre of every new park home bungalow move, matching the needs of both sellers and buyers. My team assists buyers by finding them a suitable residential park in retirement, and securing their new home using our market-leading property part exchange scheme.


Quickmove Properties sells park homes, can you give us a bit more detail about this type of housing?

A residential park home is a detached bungalow-style home, usually located within a secure, private development. They are manufactured off site by UK-based park home manufacturers and then placed on a plot within the site that is owned privately or by a local authority. When buying a park home, you will own the home itself and lease the land it sits on. The benefits are single-level dwelling, easy to maintain, with fully furnished luxury and like-minded neighbours.

Modern park bungalows are built to stringent regulations, surprisingly spacious, and fully kitted out with choice of plush furnishings and latest gadgets. Most include a parking space and easy to maintain private garden. The larger models have two en-suite bedrooms, extra space for walk-in wardrobes, utility room, study room, exterior decking and even hot tubs!


Is park home living a lifestyle choice that is becoming more popular with retired people?

With an ageing population across the UK and a shortage of brick-built bungalows, all the signs are that the trend to downsizing to modular built park home bungalows will continue over the next ten to twenty years.


What do you think are some of the most common misconceptions about park home lifestyle?

There are a few myths and misconceptions. While some older parks are reminiscent of caravan sites, the quality of modern bungalow developments is a world apart, with landscaped homes, modern facilities and security. Many are located in holiday hot spots but they’re certainly not caravan sites.

Also, some people may think park lifestyle would be slow and quiet and only for the old and infirm but that is not the case. Residential parks are very welcoming and a great option for those who want to be a part of a close-knit, thriving community. Neighbours look out for each other and it’s the perfect environment to make new friends for life. Often new park residents move in to be near friends and family who are already enjoying the lifestyle. You can be involved in the park community as much as you like.


Do you think the coronavirus pandemic will change where people want to live in years to come, perhaps favouring a more ‘green’ lifestyle surrounded by nature instead of urban, town living?

We’ve seen a big increase in interest in our parks during 2020. People are reflecting on where they live and looking for a secluded and safe way of living. Of course, our detached park home bungalows are ‘socially-distanced by design’, featuring outdoor spaces and set in coastal or rural areas. Most parks are also gated, giving residents extra reassurance of safety.


Is there any particular ‘type’ of person who is attracted to the park home lifestyle?

Most parks are for over 50’s to maintain the peaceful ambience. However, residents are from all walks of life move from all parts of the UK to enjoy the lifestyle - couples or singles.


Do you have any plans to build communities for younger people who may be struggling to get onto the more conventional housing ladder?

One of our recommended park partners, RoyaleLife, caters for residents from the age of 45 but ‘family’ parks are very rare. Our focus is on helping semi-retired or retired people to move.


What amenities are provided in the communities for socialising and getting to know neighbours?

At many park sites residents enjoy on-site leisure facilities and an active social scene, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Activities organised and run by residents themselves include quiz nights, live music, bingo events, golf societies, art clubs and line dancing!


You offer potential clients a 5-Star rated Property Park-Exchange scheme, how does this help with tying up a house sale and moving into a park home?

There are many benefits for customers moving using Quickmove's part exchange services.

First of all you enjoy certainty: once you’ve received a formal offer to buy your home the sale is secured. Quickmove is well capitalised and funds can be transferred quickly. The price is guaranteed and not subject to chains falling through etc. In the case of our recommended RoyaleLife developments, customers receive 100% of the market value of their property.

Then there is speed: we arrange transfer of funds to suit your moving timescale, from just a few weeks, while solicitors and estate agents costs all covered.

And last but not least, customers enjoy convenience: movers avoid hassle and stress, with no viewings or negotiations to worry about. In addition, customers don’t need to move all in one day, in fact they have a 2 week license to occupy so can move at leisure.


And finally, what would your top tip be for anybody who is considering purchasing a park home in 2021?

With any property search it’s all about location. Many park home buyers move to be near to family, others buy at south-coast developments for the lifestyle, warm weather, and wide availability. Quickmove can help you find suitable parks across the UK, advising which parks have plot availability, and what model of home is within your budget for those sites.

Once you’ve short-listed a park, we also recommend speaking to current residents to check their experience of buying and living on the site. Quickmove only recommends developments that have a track record of providing trustworthy service to buyers and residents.


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