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Benefits Of Buying A New Build Home

Posted 22 February 2023 by Helen Christie

Andrea Fawell from Kebbell shares 10 benefits of buying a new build home…

It is easy to look at the current climate and feel uncertain as to whether now is a good time to move but new build homes are offering buyers greater security and ease in a fluctuating market.

With ‘New Homes Week’ from 27 February – 3 March, Andrea Fawell, sales and marketing director of Kebbell, reveals the main 10 key benefits to buying a new build home over an older property.

1. A simpler buying process 

One of the key benefits to purchasing a new build home is that it removes the common hurdle of the chain. In buying a new home there is less chance of the deal falling through last minute because you have greater security from your vendor.

2. Secure warranties

The majority of new build homes come with structural warranties for usually up to ten years which you don’t get with an old home. In most contracts, housebuilders are liable to make agreed repairs including issues with the workmanship, materials, heating, plumbing and electrical systems for two years from the end of the construction. For the following eight years, insurance will cover structural issues that arise in the building such as damp penetration, rendering problems, excessive draughts etc. This way you don’t need to worry about the hidden problems and costly repairs inherited from previous owners.

3. Energy efficiency

One of the greatest benefits to a new build home is that they are built to the latest efficiency standards. A reported 85% of new build homes in England and Wales achieve an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A or B meaning both more manageable bills and environmental protection.

4. Added help ready to snap up

There are also various schemes buyers can benefit from including part exchange, downsize part exchange, chain breakers and assisted move; all of which are designed to make the process of buying and selling easier for you.

5. Adding your own touch from the start

Most new build developments will be able to offer you the opportunity to choose carpets, flooring, where to put plugs, kitchen surfaces etc. depending on where they are in the construction once your offer is accepted. Making it your own from the start saves time and money in the long term and makes your home perfect for you.

Misbourne House (Kebbell)

6. Sense of community

With a lack of community in recent decades being cited as the reason for many societal issues, new builds often foster a sense of camaraderie as buyers - from first-time buyers to families to downsizers – build a community together.

7. Greater flexibility in the move

Buying from a developer means you are likely to have greater autonomy with regards to the logistics behind your move making it less stressful and more straightforward and centred around your needs.

8. More accommodating

The design and layout of new builds often have more modern, open-plan spaces with multifunctionality at the forefront of design. As well as being more accommodating for remote workers, new builds are often equipped with electric car charging points, efficient storage solutions, solar panels and heating systems that will put you in good stead ahead of the 2030 ban on gas boilers being fitted in any homes.

9. Outdoor space

Buyers are increasingly prioritising good outdoor space and indoor-outdoor living, so it is common for most new build developments to have a greater emphasis on offering good flexible outdoor space; be it decking, a terrace or a more traditional lawn. The benefit of it being brand new is that it is ready and waiting as a blank canvas for you to design it exactly as you please.

10. Capital appreciation

If you are willing to make an offer early on in the development process, it is possible that you will witness capital appreciation far sooner than if you were to purchase an existing home.


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