Neutral shades for your bathroom

Posted 4 March 2016 by Helen Christie

New research has shown that people are wary of using bright and vibrant shades when decorating their bathroom...

A survey of 1,500 people, conducted by bathroom furniture supplier, Virtual Bathrooms, has revealed that 36% would choose neutral shades when revitalising their bathroom.

The ratio was the same for both male and female participants, and across all age categories. In keeping with the minimalist theme, 21% of respondents selected monochrome as their colour scheme of choice. The second preferred colour of choice on the list was blue, the colour most associated with water, which appealed most to 18% of those polled.

Because we spend so much time in our bathrooms these days, it’s all the more important that we make them as welcoming, relaxing and visually appealing as possible.

Why do people select neutral or monochrome shades?

Natural light

Using lighter colours ensures that the natural light entering a room is maximised and enhanced, making smaller bathrooms appear more spacious. The downside of using too much of a darker colour can be that it makes a small space look even more cramped.

Plans to sell?

Often you will find that the general advice, if you’re planning to sell, is to always opt for a neutral colour scheme, and no doubt this is a top reason for choosing neutral shades in the bathroom.

Neutral does not equal boring

Choosing a neutral palette, whether you’re considering selling your home further down the line or simply prefer those shades, doesn’t have to limit the colours that you use elsewhere. Bright splashes of colour can really bring a bathroom to life, as Sophie Bagnall, Colour Expert at DYLON Fabric Dyes explains:

“Updating the furnishings in your bathroom is a simple and inexpensive way to bring a white or neutral colour scheme to life. Colour-printed blinds, statement towels or DIY-dyed bathmats can transform your bathroom from bland to bold in an instant. We use bathrooms for function rather than fun, so they can often get neglected, but adding a bright hue or a colour you use somewhere else in your home will really connect the space.”

Neutral colours can actually work to make a space feel more luxurious. A minimalist colour scheme can easily be made interesting with a little creativity. Interior stylist, Katie Sellers, spoke about her top design tips to make a plain room feel a little more lavish:

“Be creative with the manner in which tiles are laid. Vary their formation such as mixing up chevrons with brick patterns. Make a feature of a shower enclosure or surrounding the bath by choosing a different colour or scale of the tile. These deliberate choices add a more dramatic effect to the space. If you don’t want to use tiling as a way of defining areas, use paint as an inexpensive alternative. Create definition within the space by colour blocking.”

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