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Interior Design Tips For Christmas Decorating

Posted 7 December 2022 by Helen Christie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for decorating your home, and Kebbell has put together some tips for Christmas decorations…

Decorating for Christmas can be lots of fun, but it can also feel stressful at times. Kebbell has put together some tips to help you consider your Christmas decor and make your home the most festive it has ever felt...

Arguments about Christmas trees

Selecting the perfect tree is a familiar struggle (perhaps contention) for many households.  How tall? How full? Will the needles drop? Should I use a plastic tree? Should we have more than one? Consider potting and reusing the same tree each year and simply transplanting it into the garden in January to be reinstated next Christmas.  Or opt for a miniature real tree or choose a wooden alternative. Decorate existing larger house plants or choose a rustic hanging tree made out of sustainable materials. There is such variety on the market now, but this year may be time to switch to a more sustainable festive tradition for years to come.

Creative overwhelm

The process of decorating a home for the festive period can be overwhelming, particularly if you feel you lack creative flare.  However, usually, the tools you need to create something special are already there. By utilising features such as windows, beams and shelves, your Christmas decorations can naturally merge into your everyday set-up and won’t require a huge amount of re-shuffling. 

Christmas clutter overload

If your home is already decorated with much-loved items, consider temporarily putting away some of your normal belongings to make room for your Christmas decorations. This way, things won’t get too cluttered or overpowering.

Too much colour

Yes, it is a thing! Look at what colours suit your home best according to your interior, furniture and decorations you already have and be selective and consider colours that complement each other. Classic pairings are white and silver, or red and gold, but you might like to be more daring with stunning combinations such as navy blue and purple.

Christmas Decorating Tips

Too many aromas

The combination of colder weather and copious rounds of Secret Santa, often results in the stockpiling of scented candles.  We all like the idea of our home smelling of mince pies, gingerbread and chestnuts roasting on an open fire; but often different candles, reeds, diffusers and cooking smells can be overpowering all at once.  Choose a specific fragrance for the holiday season so your space will hold a subtle and sophisticated smell which isn’t overbearing for you or your guests.

Less is more

It is easy to get carried away and simply fill our homes with all the decorations we have and buy a few new ones each year.  It is not only less time-consuming but also more stylish to have a few statement or focal points as opposed to random clutter spread into every corner.  Think about a seasonal runner, a tasteful centrepiece, festive seat cushions, a wreath on the door and lovely twinkling lights. If you love a theme, choose one whether it’s Hygge comfort, Classic Cheer or Minimalist. It is lovely and calming when your home has a great sense of continuity and flow from room to room. 

Sentimental overload

Sentimental or homemade trinkets can be extremely lovely to have but be selective about what you bring out including that old cardboard cut-out that your children made 18 years ago! Choose things with real emotional connections and you have history with, and then enjoy the present time with your family and use textured blankets and throws to create a cosy atmosphere to watch a Christmas movie together.

Be sustainable

Forage from nature rather than buying cut flowers from abroad.  Dry your own orange slices! Buy new decorations only if you need to and buy ones that can be brought out each year. Choose recyclable wrapping paper and biodegradable sellotape or reuse Amazon’s brown paper and decorate it!  

Christmas Decorating Tips

Don’t make it a laborious task

It is a busy time of year. Decorating your home should be fun and festive, something you do with your loved ones whilst listening to the very best in Christmas music with a nice mug of mulled wine, rather than a chore. Instead chose a good time to decorate rather than squeezing it in. 

Careful with the electricity bill 

With the nights drawing in earlier, good atmospheric lighting can make all the difference. Warm fairy lights are delicate and pretty no matter where you put them; around the bannister, across the mantelpiece, framing a mirror or picture frame, but we shouldn’t throw all caution to the wind.  Try solar-powered, LED or rechargeable battery-powered lights, candles, and lanterns especially ‘in light’ of our increasing bills and turn off the lights when they are not needed.


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