Bathroom trends for 2016

Posted 31 March 2016 by Helen Christie

According to research, the bathroom sector is growing more than any other in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom industry and it’s easy to see why...

Once considered a room of function, consumers are now asking for more from their bathrooms. As such, Virtual Bathrooms are currently witnessing an evolution of this space, driven largely by innovative design from manufacturers, accessible luxury, digitised products and the need for increased efficiency and sustainability.

Luxury living

The trend for luxury has spilled over from the living room and kitchen spaces and is now firmly lodged in our consciousness. Across the pond in the US, luxury bathrooms have long-since been a key aspect of the family home, which may be down to the larger spaces being able to cater for grander designs (the average UK home is just 76m2 compared to 201m2 in the USA.)

We might not have the space for Jack and Jill basins and separate baths and showers here in the UK, but that hasn’t curbed our desire for luxury. We are now proving that the old adage is true: size isn’t everything. While our spaces might be small, particularly in new build homes, quality materials like quartz, granite and marble and even copper and brass finishes to taps and sanitary ware are increasing in uptake, with even very compact en suites and WCs being treated to luxury finishes. Traditional Victoriana such as the coveted freestanding roll-top bath is being incorporated into more and more spaces.

Sleek and stylish wet-rooms

Showering, as opposed to bathing, is another trend harnessing the UK and Europe. Seamless wet-rooms with frameless glass panels allow consumers to say goodbye to the traditional bulky shower tray and benefit from flush tiles that run from shower floor to bathroom floor without a visible break.

All this helps provide a feeling of more space in the bathroom – something many of us in the UK will appreciate with our compact homes. Showering is also the more efficient option, allowing households to save water.

More innovations and gadgets

Bathroom gadgets and innovations make our lives easier. Take automatically de-misting mirrors for example; these mirrors help you see more clearly, without causing irritating streaks from wiping the glass.

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