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Retirement Homes Ticking All The Boxes From Churchill Retirement Living

Posted 23 January 2019 by Helen Christie

For older people looking to purchase a new home, award-winning housebuilder, Churchill Retirement Living offers several solutions…

A growing sector in the new homes market in the UK is the provision of retirement homes. Many older people are still active and independent, while others need greater care and the provision of services, but they all have one thing in common - they prefer to purchase a home, rather than move into rented accommodation. 

Churchill Retirement Living is a privately-owned, family-run housebuilder, and the second largest retirement homes specialist in the UK. The company has won numerous awards over the years, including several prestigious WhatHouse? Awards.

Many people have taken advantage of Churchill’s Home Exchange service…

Never too early to downsize

Dennis and Marilyn in their new homeDownsizing and moving to a smaller property is something that is often associated with people who are simply unable to cope in the property they’re in. However, Dennis McCarthy and his wife, Marilyn, are inspiring proof that planning ahead and downsizing at the right time can create a whole new lease of life.   

Dennis and Marilyn purchased their one-bedroom apartment at Churchill’s Petlands Lodge in Haywards Heath after a friend who lived in the area thought they would enjoy it, spotted the Lodge and recommended they take a look.

Dennis says: “My wife and I lived in a three-bedroom house in Brighton but with the kids all having flown the nest many years before, it felt a little ridiculous in size for just the two of us. I also felt like the house had become a bit like the Forth Bridge - never done! I’d spend every weekend out in the garden, trying to keep it up to scratch - and it was taking up too much of my time.”

Still working as a dental technician for his son, who took over the family business from his father some years previous, Dennis is definitely not what some would associate with a typical 74 year old and leads a very full and active life.

Dennis says: “I haven’t even retired yet and still work four mornings a week for my son so I’m definitely not ready for nothing but cocoa and slippers yet! Downsizing was much more about taking the pressure off myself to keep up with all the house jobs and creating more time for my wife and I to be able to enjoy life and keep up our other hobbies - as well as my job!”

The fact that Petlands Lodge is so close to the town centre, with all of the shops and restaurants just minutes away on foot, also means the couple are able to enjoy Haywards Heath, as their friend thought they would when he recommended the area. 

Dennis and Marilyn’s move to Petlands Lodge was made even easier after using Churchill Retirement Living’s Home Exchange service, which provides a simple and effective alternative to selling on the open market.

Dennis adds: “With Churchill’s Home Exchange service, we had everything looked after for us. Karen, our sales representative, was absolutely brilliant and helped us with every aspects of our purchase and move, including completing all of the paperwork for us. Everybody here is so friendly, from the staff to all of the other Owners and we’ve made some great friends here already. We’re so pleased we made the decision to downsize when we did and are able to enjoy everything that our new home and Petlands Lodge has to offer.”

Petlands Lodge offers a range of features designed to make later life easier; including an Owners’ Lounge, Guest Suite and Lodge Manager, as well as security features such as a video-entry system and 24-hour emergency Careline. All of the apartments have spacious rooms throughout and are an ideal combination of design and functionality. The fully fitted, stylish kitchens include a built in fridge and freezer, hob and an oven, which is located at an easy-reach height. All of the properties also benefit from illuminated light switches for added convenience.

For more information, visit the new show complex open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am to 5pm, call 01444 688 256. Find out more about Petlands Lodge from Churchill Retirement Living 

Keeping it in the family at Tamarisk Lodge

Eric and GlennisAgeing parents, for whom daily life is getting increasingly challenging, is a worry for anyone. There’s so much to think about including the property they live in, their care for the long term and who will keep them company, if they need it, from day to day, not to mention the additional requirements if you don’t live locally.

When Glennis Murphy’s father, Eric Bates, was approaching the age of 90, despite having always sworn he would live his last days in his bungalow in Orpington, things were becoming quite tough for father and daughter, which prompted them to think about other options.

Glennis says: “Dad had lived in our family bungalow for 40 years and always said he was ‘going out of there in his box!’ However, after my mum passed away nine years ago, gradually the large detached bungalow became too much for him and was falling into an increasingly neglected state. Every time something went wrong with the property, it was causing dad a lot of anxiety.”

Having moved to Spain with her husband in 2002, Glennis no longer had a property local to her father which was why Mr Bates purchased a caravan for her locally, in Bracklesham, to ensure she had somewhere to stay in the event that Mr Bates had to move and the bungalow had to be sold.

Glennis says: “My husband and I have made a life in Spain but I’ve had to return to the UK more and more over the past 10 years because of dad’s health and the support he has needed. It was whilst we were buying the caravan that I noticed that Churchill Retirement Living were building in East Wittering. Although I knew he wouldn’t be interested, I mentioned it to dad in passing.”       

With the growing pressure of maintaining the bungalow, and unbeknown to Glennis, Mr Bates called Churchill and requested a brochure to find out more.

Glennis says: “I was surprised to learn that dad had made enquiries but relieved that we could explore this option for him. Dad never even saw the property we purchased - my husband and I did everything. It was vital dad didn’t go from his spacious bungalow to a very small place, where he would feel cramped, but we found a fantastic, light and roomy two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment which we bought off-plan.”

Mr Bates used Churchill’s Home Exchange service which provides a simple and effective alternative to selling on the open market. He celebrated his 90th birthday on a Friday and moved into his new Churchill Retirement Living apartment at Tamarisk Lodge on the Monday.

Glennis says: “Unfortunately Dad’s health hasn’t been great since he moved to Tamarisk Lodge so we are looking at longer term care options for him, which his apartment can comfortably accommodate, which is another long term benefit of the move. When dad does eventually pass away, my husband and I are also really happy to have the Churchill property for our own later years - we’ll definitely be keeping it in the family!”

The development is set in landscaped grounds in a central location, just a short distance from public transport links, shops and all the local amenities on offer in East Wittering.

Trailblazing for the retirement adventure

Brian outside his new homeFor many retirees, the thought process to downsize and make plans for retirement is focused on necessity, but for Brian Howard and his partner of 44 years, Andrew Ellis planning their retirement was focused on the next adventure.

Having lived in their property in Bath for 30 years, the couple in their early 70s, agreed together that, although they were both still in good health with plenty of life ahead of them, rather than wait until they needed to move they wanted to take the bull by the horns and create an exciting next phase. 

Brian says: “Bath is a hilly place and with nearly 50 steps from the road to our front door, my partner, Andrew, and I knew at some point we’d have to move. We’ve never been the kind to wait around for life to take control of us so we set about planning our next adventure.”

Brian and Andrew spent a couple of years looking in Bath for purpose built properties but with the city surrounded by hills, they were struggling to find something that would serve their long term requirements. Then a friend in Salisbury drew their attention to Churchill Retirement Living’s Sarum Lodge.

Brian continues: “When we first saw Sarum Lodge, it was barely above foundation level but we just felt it could really work for us. We both liked Salisbury, it’s got its Cathedral and plenty of culture, which we both like, it’s only an hour on the train to Bath, has excellent connections to London and the Lodge is just two minutes away from Market Square."

Brian and Andrew purchased a two-bedroom apartment off-plan on the third floor at Sarum Lodge and even have a view of the cathedral spire.

Brian finishes: “We opted for the Home Exchange Service with very little hesitation and it took all the stress out of moving. The availability of the Churchill representatives to help us made everything go so smoothly and the advice of our downsizing advisor was worth its weight in gold. As the first Owners to move in, we’ve been so impressed by the care that’s been shown by each and every person here, from the marketing staff to the construction workers. We will be sad to see them go! Our Lodge Manager, Alexandria, will still be here to help us with anything we need though, which has been very useful since day one.”   

For further information on the apartments available at Sarum Lodge, visit the new Show Complex, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Find out more about Churchill Retirement Living and its available developments

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