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Site Manager’s DIY Helps New Buyer Couple

Posted 26 May 2020 by Keith Osborne

A site manager who used his own ‘construction’ skills to help a just-moved-in couple has become a social media star...

A site manager for Persimmon Homes who used his own ‘construction’ skills to help a couple who has just moved into their first new home became a social media star.

Will Rudd works at Ellesmere Park in Ellesmere Port and when he heard that the movers were sitting on the floor due to a delayed furniture delivery, he built a makeshift sofa for them and having put a post on business-focus LinkedIn, soon found he had generated more than 4,000 reactions and upwards of 250 comments from some 250,000 views.

Hayleigh Brown, who had just moved in with partner Keith Wardley, said: “It was less than 12 hours since I’d told Will about our sofa delay and I was on a conference call for work when I looked out the window to see a forklift coming down the road with a sofa on it!”

Hayleigh and Keith's sofaWill explained: “I saw Hayleigh in her garden and asked how she and her partner were doing during the lockdown. She said that because of the Covid-19 crisis they were having to sit on the floor in their new home, because the sofa they had ordered couldn’t be delivered for 20 weeks!

“As first-time buyers I really felt for them, so after checking with my construction director I made them a makeshift sofa using some stud work timber and ply board – and a good sand down to prevent splinters.”

He then posted a picture of the couple and their two dogs Chip and Sox sitting on the DIY sofa with the caption to his LinkedIn account, saying: “When we saw that one of our newly moved in customers were sitting on the floor due to their new sofa being on a 20 week delay we weren’t having that! Hand me my tools #lovewhatyoudo”.

Among the many views was Gemma Schofield of Lifestyle Interiors, who seeing the couple’s plight, got the company to loan them a plush new sofa until theirs arrives. The couple are delighted with not only their temporary sofa, but also the ‘above and beyond’ service they received from Will.

Hayleigh said: “Every step of the way, Will has given me confidence in him and in Persimmon. He’s so helpful and supportive and has been absolutely brilliant. They have been outstanding every step and so supportive even after you move in. Will Rudd has been amazing. Very happy with my #persimmonhome 😊”.

Will said: “It’s unreal what a small gesture can achieve”, while his makeshift creation is still very much in use, providing outdoor seating on the decking area in Hayley and Keith’s garden.


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