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A New Start For Buyer Thanks To Shared Ownership

Posted 29 June 2023 by Helen Christie

Thanks to Shared Ownership, Jackie has found her new home at Bromford’s The Avenue development in Moreton-in-Marsh…

Jackie Kelly, 63, has found her new home at Bromford’s The Avenue development in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, and has been welcomed into the community with open arms.

After a relationship breakdown, Jackie, who works as a house manager for a retirement development, found herself in need of a home she could afford on her own. After learning of Bromford’s Shared Ownership scheme, she recently purchased her first home, a one-bedroom apartment that she shares with her seven-month puppy, Eddie.

Jackie says: “Before I purchased through Shared Ownership, I didn’t see the point in it, but I couldn’t recommend it enough now. I couldn’t afford to buy a property on my own, and at my age mortgages are difficult so this was an excellent way to own my home. The rent is really affordable and the service charge is brilliant for what I get!”

Bromford Shared Ownership gives first-time buyers, or those who do not currently own a property, the opportunity to secure a new build home with Bromford. Shared Ownership allows individuals who cannot afford to purchase a property outright, or who may struggle to access a mortgage an opportunity to own their own home.

Homebuyers pay a mortgage on the share they own and pay rent on the remaining share, meaning only a smaller deposit is required. Purchasers can then increase their share during their time in the property, through a process called staircasing. 

When discussing her experience purchasing and moving with Bromford, Jackie says: “My experience with Bromford was absolutely brilliant, I had no issues at all and if I had any questions, my sales adviser, Tom was there to help. He was there to help from the first phone call to the moment he handed over the keys, he was a superstar!”

Jackie was confident that a new build property would be the right fit for her, so her home was purchased off-plan, which allowed her to have a say in the interiors.

Jackie notes: “This development is a mile from my work, has plenty of parks nearby, and has just six apartments in the block- everything about it the location, cost, and size is just perfect for me. I love knowing that my home is mine, it is my safe, happy place. When you have been through something traumatic in your life like I have, to come through the front door knowing you are going to be on your own and being comfortable with that, it says an awful lot. I looked at a lot of options, including moving away from the area, but when you get to my age, you don’t want anything that’s going to require a lot of work, so a new build was the best option for me. I loved having a blank canvas and having the ability to do whatever I want with my space.”

Moreton-in-Marsh is a market town in the Evenlode Valley, which has a busy high street home to independent shops, a supermarket, pubs and eateries, and a traditional weekly market overlooked by 19th century Redesdale Market Hall. 

Ideally placed for a city commute, with the train station less than a mile away, offering services to Oxford, London, and Worcester. If you're travelling by road, the A44 will lead you to Chipping Norton (nine miles) and Oxford (30 miles) in the east and Worcester.

Jackie adds: “The community feel around the development is fantastic. The lady who lives closest to me is now a really good friend of mine, and in the six apartments available, six women purchased so we have formed a tight-knit friendship. We have an estate Facebook group so people link up together, and if anyone’s having any problems they will ask for help, and everyone will offer a helping hand. It is really great! Catherine, my development coach was also a really big help during the first couple of months of me moving in, and still checks in now.”

Bromford has a range of Shared Ownership properties available for property seekers in Gloucestershire to consider.

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