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Posted 9 September 2015 by Keith Osborne

One innovation that still carries the hallmark of style and is capable of delivering a ‘wow factor' is underfloor heating.

Features that were once considered a luxury and a desirable extra in a home are now considered essential, but one innovation that still carries the hallmark of style and is capable of delivering a ‘wow factor' is underfloor heating.

Adding a heating system that sits under the floorboards is a costly undertaking and it is worth researching the market for different systems before you decide to invest. This guide will talk you through some of the potential pitfalls of the underfloor heating installation process, so you end up adding value to your home with the least cost and effort.

Increasing efficiency

There are two main types of heating system: the electric element and hot piped water. Both systems will radiate warmth upwards, which is a more efficient way of heating a room than radiating outwards from radiators. If you go with underfloor heating, valuable wall space can be reclaimed as radiators become a thing of the past and each room in your house can have an attractive minimalist quality, adding a sense of spaciousness.

Underfloor systems can be added to new-build properties or retrofitted to older homes, especially since there are now plenty of products on the market that are suitable for competent (though perhaps not novice) DIYers, saving you the cost of labour, which is normally the most expensive part of the job.

There are longer heat-up times with underfloor heating, but the advantage is that they keep a room warmer for longer and the room takes longer to cool down once the heating has been switched off.

Hot water pipes will take up more room under floorboards, while electric heating elements and electric systems are often easier to fit and can be adapted in smaller spaces. Pipes will need to be laid by a plumber so if you want to avoid too much expense, an electric system might be preferable.

Underfloor heating will be seen as a luxury item by prospective buyers and this will inevitably make your home more desirable, but do not confuse it with being an essential, and make sure the basics of the home are in good working order before you decide to add such innovations. Tired carpet or grubby wallpaper will negate any expense you put into improvements such as underfloor heating.

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