The UK's top ten property turn-offs

Posted 24 August 2016 by Ben Salisbury

If you want to maximise the bids on the sale of your home, make sure you don't fall foul of any of these common property blunders...

Bad smells are the biggest turn-off for homebuyers, according to new research that details the ten biggest issues preventing sellers from getting the asking price when selling their homes.

Inspired Wallpaper asked 1,500 people what the most likely issues are that would put them off buying a house when viewing a property and 36% said this was the biggest reason.

Behind unpleasant smells on the list were bad layouts and DIY disasters, with outdated fixtures and fittings and clutter close behind. 13% cited garish décor as their biggest turn-off.

The research highlights how important it is to present your home without these irritations because they could result in lower bids for the property and possibly cost the homeowner a sale.

Head of design at Inspired Wallpaper, Christine Westcott, says that while you should never be afraid to stamp your personality on your home, it’s worth keeping one eye on how your choices might impact the future resale value.

“It is possible to create a unique, welcoming ambience that reflects elements of your personality without putting off future buyers. While some prefer to work with a blank canvas, any buyer will be able to appreciate the amount of pride you’ve shown in your home, even if they have very different tastes,” she comments.

In 7th position on the list is mould, followed by lack of character and a disappointing garden. Lack of natural light makes up the top ten biggest potential property problems for sellers.

TV property expert Sarah Beeny says homeowners have to ensure they get rid of bad odours and mould before they throw open the doors to their property and that in order to get the maximum value from a sale, “there are so many simple things sellers can do to achieve a quick sale at, or above, asking price.”

Her estate agency, Tepilo, recently conducted its own survey, focusing on what people look for when viewing a property.

She said: “When it comes to selling a property, there are so many simple things sellers can do to achieve a quick sale at, or above, asking price. Top of the turn-on list were a neat, well-kept garden (48%), cleanliness (43%) and fresh internal paintwork and décor (43%).

“These are all pretty easy things to address, and sellers need to also make sure they give their property a really good deep clean and de-clutter ahead of putting it up for sale.”


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