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Decorating Your New Home: Where To Start

Posted 16 May 2022 by Keith Osborne

We share some of the best tips on how to decorate your new home creatively, but realistically...

Decorating a new home is a lot more challenging than most people imagine. It is easy to get frustrated when faced with blank white walls and empty rooms. Unfortunately, these rooms and walls are not going to fill up themselves, so you will need to get creative and make a realistic plan about your home decoration. While creating a stylish and inviting home certainly takes some effort and time, there are some simple solutions that can make a huge impact from the start. Today we will share some of the best tips on how to decorate your new home according to your design preferences.

Make a plan

As decorating a new home can be an overwhelming task, it may be helpful to come up with a plan. The best solution would be to prioritise which decorating projects are the most important ones and which can wait. This will make you feel at ease, as you will realise that you don’t need to do everything at once. New homeowners tend to decorate their homes piece by piece, starting with the rooms and items that need the biggest consideration. Apart from prioritising based on needs, you should also think about your budget and spread out the cost of high priced items instead of going in all at once.

Add a vertical radiator

Vertical radiators can help you maximise space and create more openness in your designs. Designer Radiators Direct provide some of the most popular and versatile vertical radiators, which are both space-saving and efficient. Thanks to its creative design, a vertical radiator allows you to incorporate different functions and show your interior design preferences. Moreover, vertical aluminium radiators are lightweight and heat up far more quickly than regular radiators. This makes them a great solution to save energy in your new home. They can also become the perfect focal point in any room due to their contemporary style.

paint choiceInfuse style with paint

Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions when it comes to transforming a room. A fresh coat can update any space, even if you don’t have enough time to paint the whole room. Simply repainting part of it will make a huge difference to how the room feels. Whether you prefer bold and bright statement hues or neutral shades, painting will help you infuse style into your new home. It will form a backdrop that will allow you to focus the rest of your decoration around it.

Introduce wall art

Deciding what to do with these empty walls can be tricky. However, there are some practical and affordable options you can explore, such as local art galleries or student gallery shows. This way you will invest in some up-and-coming talent and may even discover original art, that will work perfectly with your space. You may also want to stick a frame around a postcard, map, greeting card, or polaroid. Then you will have a nice piece of art, that you can hang anywhere you want. Whether you are spending a little or a lot on art, it is important that it speaks to you.

Replace old light fixtures

Outdated light fixtures can bring down the look of an entire room. Thankfully, there are some great places where you can find modern and stylish fixtures and make a decorative impact on your home. The lighting scheme can transform the mood in any space at very little cost. This is why it is essential to choose wisely and find fixtures that stand out in the right way. It may be helpful to think of light fixtures not only as providers of light but also as pieces of art. Place them on either side of your sofa or bed and you will notice that the room suddenly has a cohesive style.

RugsIncorporate rugs

Rugs are one of the most transformative elements in a room. They can elevate the interior with various colours, patterns, and textures, as well as ground a space. Alongside adding dimension to a space, they also pull the room together with ease and cohesion. This way, even the biggest rooms can have a comforting and inviting feel. There are several different rug varieties, from Persian rugs to Oriental rugs. Solid rugs with little patterning may be the best option if you prefer something more modern. However, intricate rugs are generally considered to be more elegant and timeless.

Update your windows

Updating your windows is a great way to create a focal point in a room without overspending. For example, adding new Roman blinds can be a low-effort but high-impact option, as they will draw attention immediately. Alternatively, you can always have a go at making your own curtains for a more affordable option. The best aspect of window treatments is that they will stand out if their patterns match up, especially if the windows are close to each other. Another fun trick can be to add window film, which will provide you with privacy without blocking out the light.

Create atmosphere

To create a feeling of cosiness, you can simply add some candles. The soft and dim light will transform the look of the entire room and help hide a lot of flaws. Another easy suggestion can be to introduce flowers, plants, or bowls of fresh fruit. This can pop a colour that will complement your design scheme and decoration. Exposure to nature is also known to make us feel calmer, happier, and more alert. These ideas will all set a mood, add a scent, and convey a sense of comfort that you would want in a new home.

Paint furnitureRepurpose what you have

There is no need to completely disregard your existing décor in order to decorate a new home. It is possible that many of your items will fit in perfectly with the new space. Even if they need a bit of sprucing up, you can turn old pieces into treasures. For example, painting an old dresser instead of buying a new one can go a long way. Turning those old T-shirts into a beautifully braided rug can be a great way to decorate your living room. With just a little ingenuity, you can upcycle old furniture, items, and clothes to add character to your new home.

Consider throw pillows

Throw pillows are an effective and low-cost way of redecorating a space. A well-chosen throw pillow can accentuate any space’s design features and turn each room into an event. The best part is that once you master some basic rules, there are many possibilities to explore. Starting with an anchor colour to work around with your pillows and keeping an eye on symmetry will ensure your space feels cohesive. However, remember that you don’t have to be strict, as playing with different proportions and patterns is all part of the fun of throw pillows.

Mix and match colours

Although colour coordinating is recommended to a certain extent, pairing various colours and patterns together makes them complementing and cohesive. Therefore, mixing and matching colours can create a pattern-packed room, that is expressive and elegant. At times, you may find that combining two opposing colours can lead to a stunning effect. However, determining the colour scheme of any project is crucial before trying to combine patterns and hues in one space. To mix and match a variety of colours, it is also advisable to keep a neutral colour as a base.

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