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Create Your Own Show Home Look

Posted 15 September 2021 by Helen Christie

Top tips for creating a show home finish in your own home...

Rebecca Harris, senior sales manager at Dapa Interiors and Kebbell’s sales and marketing director, Andrea Fawell, reveal how to create a beautiful show home look.

What are your top tips on how to create a show home look in your own home?

Andrea: “Declutter, declutter, declutter! The classic show home look is also full of calming neutral schemes with added pops of colour, but many developers are increasingly wanting to ensure that their show home is memorable for all the right reasons and are enjoying having unexpected wallpaper, contrasting colours and textures, or adding unusual or bespoke crafted fittings.”

Rebecca: “Layout is really important to make the best use of the space, so maximise the space of each room to reach its best potential. It is important to differentiate between rooms which can be designed to be more upbeat in comparison to others that are made for tranquility. Great lighting is important especially if you need to change the mood of a room.”

How should you choose what is going to work in your new home?

Rebecca: “Get some colour swatches and samples to start to create the style and atmosphere you are looking for. Don’t buy important pieces online or be too impulsive. Go and sit on potential furniture for your home. Make sure you really do love them and important pieces are going to last. Functionality is key especially if you have kids or a dog. Spend more money on pieces of furniture or flooring that are going to take a bit of a hammering! Choose what suits your personality from art or decorations to colour. When you want to refresh your look, change the rugs, cushions and paint.”

Andrea: “Live in the house for a while first so you don’t spend a fortune only to change your mind. Work to a core colour palette of two or three colours and try and run it through the whole house. Have what makes you happy and makes you smile and means something to you, not because it just matches or just for the sake of it. Have one striking piece in key rooms to create a conversation piece.”

What trends do you think we will see this autumn?

Rebecca: “Pastel colour palettes are still very much here to stay because people want to enjoy fresh & upbeat colours as we hope we are coming to the end of the pandemic. Autumn colours will still be popular by combining the use of colour pops to create a more upbeat feel. Washed and faded fabrics and the use of micro patterns are both big trends. The use of colour pops on a darker base layer will be seen through the use of artworks also or in the styling pieces. The feel good factor is in demand!”

What items should be the focal points in a bedroom, kitchen and living room?

Andrea: “Spend as much as you can on your bed including a good mattress, bed linen and pillows to invest in your comfort and sleep, and then choose a plush statement throw or pile on the overfilled cushions to add sumptuous character.”

Rebecca: “A stunning headboard with beautiful wallpaper or feature paint to compliment. In the kitchen I love a breakfast bar, with hanging drop pendants and feature bar stools.

Andrea: “A feature wall such as exposed brick work, a vibrant painted wall or a bold wallpaper choice is a trick of the trade for kitchen design. To elevate any scheme and draw the eye, choose a colour that will tie in well with your chosen colour scheme and don’t be afraid to be a little creative.”

Misbourne House (Kebbell)

Rebecca: “As we’ve moved away from feature fireplaces in the main living room, the focal point has switched to the sofa side or TV wall. To create a focal point choose a feature wallpaper or paint, or add a collection of interesting artworks to the non-TV walls. Building a media wall which encases your TV enables you to incorporate storage and display areas for key pieces.”

Andrea: “Open plan living with direct access to the garden is what everyone wants for today’s family living as the heart of the home, where conversation, cooking, eating, entertainment, and general cosy times can all be enjoyed together. When it comes to how you position the furniture in your living room, start with the feature. What do you want to look at - the TV or the garden? Once you know position the best seat in the room to face that and work from there. Art, an usual light or a design led chair are excellent focal points.”

How can you make a small space look larger?

Rebecca: “Modular furniture is ideal for a small space, and bespoke pieces too such as sofas made to measure. Collections of smaller items like coffee & side tables can also help. The key is to make sure the sizing of all items & colour choices enhance the space. Clever use of lighting, whether that be natural light, table & floor lamps or larger overhead fixings, can then help to zone your key areas, create your desired mood & highlighting these areas.”

Andrea: “Ensure careful placement of accessories, particularly the height of items hung on walls. Think carefully and wisely about your flooring choices. Stone or ceramic are the choice for many in the kitchen because of their hardwearing qualities; but too light in colour and the broom won’t leave your hand or too dark and you will draw too much attention down to the floor. Your floor choice can work wonders in making a room feel bigger.”

Misbourne House (Kebbell)

What is the most important thing to consider in a home office?

Andrea: “Bathe yourself in light – choose a room and workspace position with plenty of natural sunlight to boost your energy and concentration levels. Natural light also helps to reduce eye strain and headaches from monitors but make sure you also don’t have glare on your screen. Invest in a desk lamp with bright but warm yellow light for gloomy winter days.”

Rebecca: “Storage, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter as this can reduce your productivity. Be comfortable in your environment, add plants and artwork or styling pieces that inspire you.”

What do you think is more important - comfort or luxury?

Rebecca: “Both are good, but they actually go hand in hand. Invest more and you will get more comfort because it will be a better quality piece, will last longer and feel more luxurious.”

Andrea: “Comfort – you home is your sanctuary. Think about your lifestyle and how you spend your time in your house, especially post covid times. Then think about your guests and if you can’t get rid of them you know they feel comfortable in your home!”


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